Who in your opinion is the cheapest fighter in game?

Well i forgot about Aganos, i thought when i watched the live twitch stream from IG that they said any contact ,block or whatever would take away a rock of his armor,this is an overlooked flaw for any opposing fighter.
over and over its just like you cant get a hit/opener on him if your playing against him.
Omen is a button masher’s dream ,they chun li kick to u to death and the hitbox is huge when you try to just back up from the hitbox/distance to avoid them just mashing,lol. Oh Fulgore is Gargos’s worst nightmare,you have to have a teleporting fighter against gargos otherwise you get these fighters who throw the interdiminsional punches all game long.

I don’t like fulgore vs gargos. Feels too limited for me.

Wait for his sky teleport,block with Fulgore and grab and throw or low kick to get that opener and teleport behind when you cant get close to him,because 50% or even more players using Gargos will do this ,thats when you teleport behind.
Spinal,Fulgore etc. Its not that these fighters are bad ,its the way these players are using them to get to the top 32,i will never get their,im not good enough with manuals,im all speed and reaction time,lol and did i see someone post that this tread will be taken down,thats not right,its called freedom of speech,theirs no curseing or fighting,its good talk.

I would actually argue that Jago is Gargos’s worst nightmare, considering that he can get up in your face and just stay there the whole fight. And just when you think you’re getting somewhere…BAM! He pops instinct and does a double shadow endokuken juggle and follows up with more pressure & more double fireball juggles.

Why would gargos use air heavy reckoning when pp can do the job just fine? Fulgore can’t really threaten gargos while in the air. Outside of trying to flail around with his meh dp and maybe snag something.

He needs gargos to land and stay grounded. Easier said then done though. And zoning with heavy eye laser doesn’t net much since it’s so slow. And fireball teleport mixups aren’t very useful since gargos can just fly away and out of dp range easily and that’s if you’re inputs don’t get screwed up by your inputs.

Then there’s a whole bunch of other things.

Dude im not trying to measure IQ’s or hot links ,just making a point that Gargos’s teleport punches are horrible in the wrong hands ,kinda like religion ,in the wrong hands people abuse it,its funny how my opinion expresses someone to argue that im so wrong and hes so right,it just works for me,im sure you have things and dynamics better than me,no big deal:wink:

Ok sure. You can basically abuse any move in the game. Of course some will have more success then others. But that’s just how it works.

Yeah, I’m certain you’ve beaten me in a mirror match in the past (I hate those, BTW - I like being able to use my tools without having them be negated, used, or brought down faster simply by having the mirror be there).

I’d be happy to have a set with you, so long as we don’t do a mirror. Maybe we can bounce ideas off of 1 another? :wink:

If Gargos can fly out of your teleport mixups, then you’re doing them wrong…

Well you’re in luck - no one said that.

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Would you mind re-adding me as I thought I had you on my list a while back and didn’t realised you’d changed.

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Sounds good although my availability is completely sporadic. If we do a set, I could switch to my secondary, RAAM. I’ll send you a friend request :slight_smile:

@SightlessKombat you’re still on my friend list :slight_smile:

Any character Sleep plays…lol

While I do beleive everyone can cheap you, even though you can coutner them:

Sadira is the cheapest one to fight. Widows drop scuffs any anti-air attempts I make most of the time.

Just block it - it’s stupid negative. Riptor has a hard time AA’ing Sadira in general anyway.

In the neutral? Yeah good luck with that…

Blocking widow’s drop? Yeah, I block it kind of a lot actually…it’s not the easiest move to hit people with. Usually only works against someone who’s good enough to reliably block the cross-up from med widow’s bite, and people who are good enough to do that often know enough not to change their block until you actually pass over them.

Sounds good, ever since they updated Raam, I have needed more help with the matchup, so… It’s all good! :slight_smile:

4.Shadow Jago

Kung Lao in Mortal Kombat. F*** that guy!

Genji is cheap. Seriously, it’s way too hard to hit him when he’s jumping over you and running around you and dashing through you. And if he’s getting healed any small chunks of health you chip away from him just get restored. And then, when you finally get him down to a pixel of health, BAM, zarya shields him, he pops ult, your whole team dies.