Who in your opinion is the cheapest fighter in game?

You know they all have their pros and cons but in the wrong hands it can be a brutal,cheapfest of absolute

3.Shadow jago
4.Rash -i do love rash though,alot of fun
5.T.J combo -the rez after and recpture for him makes it hard to break

Hmmmm probbaly jago. He’s like…what was it $1.99?


Actually Sabrewulf is the cheapest right now because he’s free.

On topic, I really don’t think anybody is cheap. They all have their notable strengths and weaknesses.


True, but that’s a free rotation every week.

Which basically means that anybody can be cheap. Both figuratively (this topic) and literally (the price).

Yay I’m putting pieces together lol.


Good point. Guess every character is cheap. IG please fix.


Soon Jago will be free permanently, so I guess he still wins…

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If you are talking about how people play the character and get easy wins:

  • Shadow Jago: is negative I know, but it gets you easy wins throwing balls, teleport, dash grab cicles over and over again. And if they lag you and you can’t break Shadows is pretty annyoing, since connecting manuals isn’t hard with him.
  • Glacius (I’ve seen very bad players getting great results)
  • Maya (when going nuts and good execution she can be lethal throwings daggers non stop, guys that will guess break frame 1, waking up mashing shadow ALWAYS can put insane pressure and still win
  • Jago: just because his damage, you must be careful, if he gets you with a counter breaker will be bad
  • Hisako : some players can get easy wins with her just mashing, won’t be that good vs medium-advanced players.
  • Rash: similar to Maya, his nutty playstyle is annoying, and he has some really nice buttons to catch you offguard.

I hate Kan Ra and Gargos, but I believe ppl has to learn how to use them, so I respect that.

Arbiter and Raam just for their gamesplans?, but it’s not like I hate them, It’s ok. There do what they do, which is kind of monotonous, but I don’t mind, So I don’t know.

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It’s tricky. As with most fighting games, there’s certain characters that very easily win at low level play, but once you start competing against people who know how to deal with your tricks, you sort of hit a wall. Blanka would be an example in Street Fighter. There’s a balance going on. At first you might be able to win easily with Shadow Jago because of things like his strong zoning and instant-mixup, but since Killer-league players usually know what to do against that, it’s almost more impressive to see Shago in the top rankings.

I love that nobody’s mentioned the golem yet. :slight_smile:

Hey ■■■■ that guy and his c.HK.

There’s not a whole lot of people that use him effectively online I’ve noticed.

  1. Sadira
  2. Sadira
  3. Sadira
  4. Rash
  5. Shadow Jago
  6. Gargos
  7. Kan-Ra
  8. Hisako

*Eyedol pre-nerf would be tied with Rash for the 4th spot on my list.

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I think Tusk can be pretty cheap with his reversals that take no conscious effort and stupidly massive damage combos.

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I’m very good with him if you want to see a true war golem in action.

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I used to be known as KaliniuS on XBL before changing my gamertag. I think I’m not too bad myself!

I’m just saying it’s not too common to run into a good Aganos player. There only seems to be a handful of them.

How long ago did you change it? Your old GT sounds familiar.

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I changed it a few days ago. I’m ranked #8 for ranked Aganos wins. Not the best player ever but I’m not the worst either!

When does Hisako just get to mash and win? :open_mouth:

In terms of “cheap” characters, I found I couldn’t really come up with one. There are certainly “strong” characters and characters that I find annoying and/or hate playing against, but I couldn’t really bring myself to label any of them cheap per se. They have very pronounced strengths that I dislike, but I generally find them to have appropriate weaknesses to go alongside those strengths.

But eff Eyedol. I hate that character :joy:

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