Who does the best complete KI theme edits?

  • RKosmik
  • AppealToTreason
  • Nekro Lord
  • All

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Personally I enjoy listening to ALL of these YouTubers AND fellow KI fans’ works editing the KI characters’ themes from Season 1 to Season 3 :smile: :grin: :sunglasses:

They are all great but Rkosmik ones are too long for me at around 11 minutes each. And i kinda enjoyed more the small diferences i noticed in the AppealToTreason edits

AppealtoTreason. Hand down.

I prefer the official remixes.

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Rkosmik has the best transitions and length. Also includes the true game idle dynamics.

What a letdown on the official iTunes KI stem when ‘touch me and I’ll break your face’ just breaks down into a killer instinct jingle build

instead of the almighty Rkosmik Orchid Full Dynamic Theme Such a feeling (KI Feeling) Original Orchid theme!

NOTHING beats Mick Gordon’s true epic 12 minute showdown featuring the KI Feeling

Ooooh she’s a killer

killl eee eee eee eeee eee eee eeerrrrrr!!!

And his Full Dynamic Maya theme is the true In game rousing theme as opposed to the somewhat pulsing remixed progressive edit of the ITunes version

Appeatotreasons edits are my favorite.

I replaced the official Rash’s Theme with Rkosmik’s mix on my playlist because I honestly think its arranged better.