Who do you think is the best designed Human character so far vote?

  1. Jago
  2. Thunder
  3. Orchid
  4. Sadira
  5. TJ Combo
  6. Maya

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I’ve done a few character polls back on the old forum but not one for specificity just for human characters also incase you’re wondering hybrids, undead, cyborgs and former humans don’t count just plain humans.

Jago looks awesome but honestly I’m going to have to go with Maya.

Jago :heart_eyes: lol . Not too fond of the others honestly

All hail TJ Combo!

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Maya and Orchid, minus one or two issues.

Jago’s design might be a bit too busy.

ALL of them for me here :sunglasses:

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I couldn’t decide between Thunder and Maya, so I went with Thunder since he has less votes :laughing:
The both of them took characters that honestly probably the worst character designs in the originals (in terms of how challenging it would be to bring them to a new era I mean), and made them look super awesome. Especially with Maya, I was surprised to see how well they modernized their design while still maintaining enough to make the character recognizable and such.


Is Sadira actually human?

Maya. All others are boring. Not the developers fault though, humans are pretty boring when compared to beasts, robots, ghosts and skeletons.

Thunder… Thunder… Thunder instead of cats, OHHHHHHH!

But Orchid is very closely behind.


I actually can’t decide, and so didn’t vote. I’m not a big fan of Sadira, but when I stop to think about the other characters they are all really great designs. Maya is for sure the “most improved” although Orchid is a close second. Taking two completely ridiculous over-sexed designs and updating them to look interesting, strong and still easy on the eye is not a trivial improvement. Maya wins most improved partly because of how completely bankrupt the original design was (although, to be fair, it completely fit with KI’s B-movie sensibility so I’m not trying to be overly critical). I think Thunder also deserves some credit for successfully walking the line between silly stereotype and overly PC boringness. The guy is a badass without being a stereotype.

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Jago by far. Thunder is close too but his traps are so disproportionate and evidently so in his classic costume form. Orchid’s t!ts and bum are a little over exaggerated and over sexualize her.

TJ and Maya look good but their movements look stiff so it makes them seem off. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy all these characters but if they go fix the movement and animations it would be awesome.

(just saying, it’s smarter/more witty to use a word that doesn’t need bypassing, or leave it hidden.)

I don’t understand what you are saying, oh I get it well it was blocking me from writing every other form I can think about so I thought of a work-around

This is a really tough call, because I’m not really a fan of any of the 90’s designs. If I had to give it to any one character though, I’d say…Jago. His new look is more of a fighter and less of an ad for ripped denim. There’s a beauty in simplicity, but he has nice touches that make his new costume a very stylish and practical improvement over his old one.

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Nah, Orchid is fine the way she is. Lots of women get harassed for having a huge pair, It should be 100% ok for a Female character to have a huge pair. Imagine how to feels to be wrapping your chest and wearing a super tight chest wear (b-r-a is censored lol) just to make them appear smaller due to all the attention it brings? While its does affect the “male gaze” women should know not to be ashamed of their chest or figure. How you think it feels when ppl saying these b-r-e-a-s-t-s are too big, this b-u-t-t is too big as if people like that don’t exist. This isn’t directly aimed at you, but it’s something I’d like to get off my chest.

When someone says over sexualized I think of Soul Calibur Ivy not Orchid, who despite have a few ribs missing is still not overly sexualized.

You are absolutely right, it is just that I wasn’t sure if it was done on purpose to exaggerate but I want to add that I have seen and met women that had to have breast reduction just because it was affecting their health (back pain) so nothing against the bigger missiles and budunkadunks. I think similar to Gears of War, this franchise isn’t going the sexual titillating route to get male attention.

Kixmix: 1 Weird censorship system: 0