Who are this games Zoners?

The only one i can think of is glacius, Gargos, Fulgore and, Kan Ra but i seen in the kan Ra adjustments thread that he is not a zoner he is a trap grappler. Glacius and Gargos are too offensive in my opinion to be one. Fulgore cant because he cant keep that up because he looses spin speed.So i am wondering who is this games zoners or just Killer Instinct Really doesn’t have Zoners.

I think KI’s stable has characters with zoning elements to them, but nobody who is a pure zoner.

All of KI’s zoning characters have elements of air superiority, rushdown, and/or grappling to them.


Mira has underrated zoning potential.

A Zoner doesn’t need to be extreme defensive to be one. Glacius and Gargos pretty much fit the bill already, playing aggressive is an option but his zoning is also a good choice depending on the match up.

I actually haven’t faced any Mira players online at all since release. Can she really zone that well?

She’s got 3 sonic-boom-esque projectiles that cover in front and just above in front of her; St.MP reaches a freaking mile; shadow-bats operate a lot like Shatter in terms of when they’re used and what for. I can play a mean game of keep away using those 3 tools if need be.

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What do you mean by “zoning” Many characters have space control.

I assume they mean zoner a-la Dhalsim

So space control. Aganos can do descently well as a zoner.

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Aria can play a really decent zoning-keep away game.

Against some characters Aganos can be hard to get under right circunstances

And Cinder has a very unorthodox spacing game with his zoning tools

Also, Arbiter can play zoning… for a while

There hasn’t been a true archetype as defined by previous FGs in KI until Raam and he still has combo options. KI’s system doesn’t give you the regular archetypes. Everybody has everything really, one could argue that Jago/Fulgore could be good zoners with just their fireballs and DPs (and teleport in Fulgore’s case). And everyone has ways to counter those tactics.

Glacius, Fulgore, Kan-Ra, ARIA, Arbiter, Gargos. You could see zoning in aspects of various other characters’ gameplans, such as Jago, Riptor, Cinder, Shago, Mira.

I don’t agree with this. KI has kinda made grappling aspects seem like a natural extension of the assist-driven zoning approach, which is really cool, but Glacius and Kan-Ra (and Arbiter for that matter) are definitely zoners in my book.

This is more of a semantic thing, but I don’t know that zoning ought to preclude offense entirely. It’s probably more difficult to pull off in KI, too, where many characters overlap several traditional archetypes in order to cobble together potent enough a gameplan to hang in this game.

That said, Season 3 Kan-Ra probably has the weakest rush game among the zoners in the cast?

I’d say Aria if I were to just generalize things. As others have said, it’s not that simple in this game.

Hmm - so it’s clear that KI characters aren’t so easily wrangled into archetypes.

That said, the question becomes:

Who would you recommend for a Dhalsim main to play in KI?

Hmm. Kan-Ra’s normals are similar in a way. Glacius is good as well.

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Well ARIA is a mixture of everything.

The thing with any kind of zoning plan for Mira is it won’t ever really be a zoning plan, because you can’t actually win that way. Bats do close to no chip damage, and ridiculously low damage even on hit, and same goes for shadow bats.

You can play keep away with her, for sure, but that’s if you want to maintain a life lead that you already got, and it must be substantial too, because invariably you’ll wind up spending some of your own life for movement/escape options when playing keep away.

I’d say Mira has some really good spacing tools, with her far reaching normals and projectiles that move her back and allow her to zone somewhat. But she can’t really play a strict zoning game at all, IMO.

In regards to the OP, I’d say glacius and kan-ra are by far the closer you’ll get to true zoning in KI. Not because they can only play zoning, because they have very good and varied tools for a misc type of game plan (Kan-ra has excellent spacing tools at mid range and it’s arguably also where he’s best at, with access to his command grabs and long range normals, and Glacius can put some very strong pressure on his opponent with smart use of cold shoulder and hails for protection, and when he pops instinct he gets access to armor and left/right mixups to harass his opps), but because they can and should play a great portion of the match as a keep away and zoning character, and have the tools for that.

Aria is also a character who can play a lot in a mix of zoning and spacing, IMO.

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Oh I can agree with that, totally. I just don’t see too many Mira’s using her space control tools in this manner when appropriate - most Miras I see or encounter tend to go in for the kill and try to stay in. But there’s a definite ebb and flow to higher level Mira play, and space control becomes a part of the ebb.

She’s no Glacius though, for sure.

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Check out Amenty’s Mira. Just watched a Rough Sets between him and Bass yesterday and I felt his Mira was a lot more controlled and veered toward spacing than the aggressive play I usually tend to have with her, for example.

Found it curious to see a more mild approach to her play style, and one which was very effective as it was. Not the approach I usually have with her, to back off when I can maintain pressure, but a playstyle that can be more than effective, to maintain a life lead and/or search for openings to land AA embrace/shadow embrace to regain life.

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Oh man - definitely gotta check that out. Especially on your recommendation. Your Mira is disgusting and scary and stuff :thumbsup:

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