Who are the top 5 KI players in the world?

Just curious as to what the reputations of the players are. I don’t see the results of the tournaments posted when I checked the recent news, but I just want to see peoples opinions. I just listed the names I could come up with off the top of my head.

  • Sleep
  • Bass
  • Gutter Magic
  • Nicky
  • Thompson
  • Dayton
  • Swordsman
  • LCD
  • Paul B
  • Rico Suave
  • Storm
  • SeaDragon
  • Waterhorses

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I am the best player in the world …depending on who you ask.


Put some respek on my man Storms name



Are sleep, Nicky, and Thompson top three because they’re good or because they use the best characters?

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Hard to say who are the best players. Not everyone who is good can afford to travel to these tournments. Also might not have the greatest connection to play online.

Just something to consider.

I think a great player is someone who is really good with At least half the cast.

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I’m surprised Rico dropped from people’s radar. Still think he is easily the Top 3 best of KI had he not had an unfortunate experience at KIWC.

Not to discourage from the new competitors and old who have surely gotten better as they deserve their own honor. Just feel like people immediately lost how good Rico can be, despite this years placement.

Anyway, is there an updated listing of KI competitor majors and accomplishments?


I’m supprised that Rico and/or Dayton in slow both them could be top 5 in my book. But my list

Its because they’re good. Bass and Sleep have multiple side-mains and Nicky would be Godlike with Mira if he just focused on health management a tad more.

Dayton would’ve made my top 5, but some forum favoritism reserves that one spot for Storm. As for Rico, he’s been practicing his Gargos, but hasn’t been frequently seen in Top 16s or Top 8s so he doesn’t make this list (for now).

Rico made top 8 starting from losers out of the gate (because of DQ). Thompson and Nicky are where they’re at because of their skill not because of their characters. I didn’t see any other fulgores or Jago’s in top 8. Something to consider is while Fulgore and Jago are considered top tier, the community at large is familiar with the matchups. That can be pretty significant, similarly I doubt many players have a ton of matchup experience against lower represented characters like Hisako (No hate Storm, you were Godlike). I’m not saying those variables are definitive reasons as to why a player performed the way they did but they certainly are variables that played a factor in the outcome.

The former dynamic is common place in tournaments of all game types. The people at the top of the game have the hardest challenge, everyone is studying them and trying to figure out how to take them down. It’s not uncommon to see a team in dota prep really well for their matchup against the favored team and pull out a win, just to lose their following match against a less favored team because they didn’t spend as much time studying and prepping for them.

This is also why it’s all that more impressive for players like Sleep or SonicFox (in NRS games) to remain at the top of the game despite so many other players gunning for them.

Max is always number 1 :yum:


For me its currently as follows based off seeing them live at KIWC, AB7, and the other major tournament streams.

  1. Sleep
  2. Thompson
  3. Nicky
  4. Storm
  5. Rico Sauve

Id like to place Storm higher as in the now,but the other 2 have a little more notches on their belt to discredit them too soon. Rico is just a natural and if he were to play daily and take it serious like he did over 1 year ago, he would probably be #1. But Storm is definitely on his way…I feel he is the most intelligent of the 5, and has the most drive and determination at the moment. If he can keep the momentum going he can be #1 by the end of the season.

Personally, I think it is pretty hard to be top five if you aren’t playing anymore…

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Thats why I didnt choose Bass. He quit so he no longer gets a mention in the top tier of players.

i didnt know he quit? why did he quit??

He said after KIWC he was quitting due to the game is a mess and if he didnt see the changes he wanted in 3.7 he was moving on. He said this 3 weeks before KIWC just after he got 3rd place at one of the tourneys up north. Right after the finals of KIWC he announced he was quitting and will be focusing on SFV. He will still stream others playing KI and will train people but will not be playing KI on his time.
LCD also said in the same comment of Bass’s post he would also quit but no announcement from LCD yet.

I think he will be back once he sees SFV isnt what he hopes it will be and that he is just a small fish in a bigger pond over there. If he cant handle loosing and changes in KI how the hell will he handle it in SFV?

Owell…good luck to him… now is the time for a new name to move up into his place.


I’m sure he has many reasons. Typically what I see is people grind out for a while and then need a break. Law of diminishing returns as input stays the same output decreases. In this analogy input is time played and output is fun.

Anyways I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just a break.


Frankly, I don’t see the difference. There’s no such thing as “true” skill that the game/tournaments measure. The only thing the game keeps track of is who takes two lifebars from the opponent first. These are the players who have consistently done that the best for a while now.

My list is Thompxson, Sleep, Nicky, Bass, and Dayton.

Oh thats a shame lets hope its just a break! Hes a great player but more so a really nice guy and these guys are the ones we want in our community.

I dont play at a pro level… i dont get why LCD and BASS feel that the game is in a mess?
what changes did they want?