Which VR system would you recommend?

I’m currently looking into getting a VR system soon, and right now I’m leaning towards the HTC Vive, because it’s an open system and works with Steam, but I’ve been seeing several compilations of games that seems like Oculus has some pretty spiffy games coming out, one in patricular is a game where you shoot a bunch of robots that say funny stuff when they die (Edit: It’s called Robo Recall)
And I’m really not considering PSVR because I don’t have a PS4, and my PC can run DOOM 60fps on Ultra settings in 1080 (it can run it in 4k, but the framerate drops to around 30fps), so performance would be better than PSVR.

So, would anyone have a recommendation?

For ease of setup and use, I’d recommend the Oculus. Its a bonus if you’re going for the Touch controllers too because Vive’s controllers are just cumbersome.

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Is it worth it though having a closed environment on the Oculus? I mean it looks like it’s got some pretty neat games for it, but the idea of it being pretty well enslaved, I guess you could say, to its ecosystem is a big turn-off.

I’ve got an Oculus myself - the set up was easy , although it needs two USB 3.0 connections and an HDMI (I had to change things around on my PC so I thought it worth mentioning.)
The oculus website has a compatibility check tool for your pc.

The quality is good , it has it’s own store, but STEAM also has oculus compatible games.
But I do see a lot more compatible games for the HTC and that comes with a supposedly better headset + the motion controls.

The Oculus touch controls look really good (I don’t have them yet) but I’ve heard the HTC is getting revamped motion controls in the future.

Maybe it’s worth waiting till after E3 and seeing what the xbox Scorpio is compatible with, as having a VR device that’s compatible with multiple platforms might be appealing to you?

Also bare in mind motion sickness. I bought the Oculus mainly for indie horror games - but the walking around experiences make me want to hurl after about half an hour - I never thought of myself as having motion sickness beforehand. (Although I’m fine with racing/flying or on the spot type experiences.)
It’s probably worth trying out a VR device if you haven’t already - just to make sure.