Which Version Windows 10 store or Xbox

Hi guys, so I am currently on a game pass trial and am really enjoying KI. I am going to purchase the definitive edition but I noticed there are two versions of the game. One is on the PC which just includes the game and a “hub” the other is on Xbox One and shows all the DLC. My worry is I get one and I won’t get the DLC to run on the other and vice versa, considering the PC version is slightly more expensive idk which to choose, I just like having the option of both. Thanks everyone!

Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition is part of Xbox Play Anywhere, so if you buy one version, you get the other at no charge! The game also syncs data between versions, so your progress always carries over!

I normally see the Xbox One version sell for a little cheaper, so buy that one, and enjoy the PC version too!

Note this does not apply to the Steam version of the game.

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Thanks for the response - I’ll grab that Xbox version in that case!

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The PC variant of Bedrock Edition and the Xbox One variant of Bedrock Edition are, for all intensive purposes, separate things. To play Bedrock Edition on PC you must purchase ‘Minecraft for Windows 10’ and not ‘Minecraft’, despite both clearly stating in additional information that you can install them on windows 10.

:confused: he wasn’t asking about Minecraft, he was asking about Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition. On Windows 10 and Xbox One, it’s the same thing for Killer Instinct.