Which season has the best characters S1, S2 or S3?

I personally think the concept of Season 2’s characters were best as they freshened the games storyline up and revolutionised a lot of the games tactics/play styles.

However, I think the S3 characters are stronger.

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To me, S1 hands down. So much great concepts redesigns.
Actually also S2 has great, fresh. concepts…but I prefer to play with S1 characters.


S1 as far as the core cast goes. All of the characters that made the franchise plus the surprise return of one of the originals (Thunder). Of the newcomers, Sadira is my favorite (and my main), so that’s another bonus.

S2 introduced some interesting characters, plus getting to see more newcomers is always good. Gameplay wise I prefer the S1 characters though.

S3 was a mixed bag. I’m not the biggest fan of boss or guest characters personally. The only character I really got into gameplay wise was Kim Wu. That being said the S3 characters were designed and made very well, but compared to the first two seasons the hype wasn’t as strong.

So my vote goes to S1.

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Considering they all had characters I like, for me it’s mostly season1 and 2 are tied. I loved how Fulogre, Riptor and Cinder came out.

All 3 were great but I think season 2 had the best characters: variety of styles and unique traits. Hisako, Aganos, and ARIA all come to mind.

Season 1 hands down. Spinal, Fulgore, Jago, Glacius, Sabrewulf…


Season 1 for me. Made the biggest impression on me since that’s what introduced me into the revamped KI. Hard to say it though since each Season holds at least one character I adore all the same.

Season 1: Jago
Season 2: ARIA
Season 3: Rash

I think this is a tough question, because…

  • Season 1 had alot of the characters people wanted to see return, amongst them my favourite of all time, Orchid. And I find that Sadira was a really cool addition to the game as well.
  • Season 2 had alot of awesome original characters, amongst them Kan-Ra, Hisako and ARIA. It really showed how creative Iron Galaxy can be.
  • Season 3 had another of my all-time favourite characters returning, that being Tusk, and Mira is a really cool addition as well. Not to mention how cool they made Gargos.
    However, Season 3 also has some of the WORST character additions, imo, such as the guest characters, Kim Wu and Eyedol.

If I had to choose, it would be Season 1, just because of Orchid.

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Biaism of course.

Season 2 because Riptor as there, TJ too - old faves. I also after feeling eh about concepts loved on reveal Arganos and Hisako

It’s really close. I really like the Riptor, Maya, Cinder and Hisako combo though.

For me it’s a tie between Season 1 and 3.

S1 has Spinal and Fulgore (My 2 favorite characters) plus Glacius who I really like as well, and Wulf who was the character that got me interested in KI in the first place.

S2 is amazing, all the characters are awesome but I actually don’t play any of them myself. I wanted to play ARIA but I just never got around to it, same with Hisako.

S3, while it has fewer characters I like overall (Tusk, Arbiter, RAAM) when compared to 2, the ones I do like I really like, such as Mira, Gargos and now Eyedol. Those 3 themselves give S3 and edge over 2 for me.

Season 2, so much variety and uniqueness.

Then S3 playstyle wise and Finally S1.

All are pretty awesome.

S1 is good because they are characters I can pick up and play rather easily.

Most of my favorite characters are in S2 (Maya, Omen, Cinder, ARIA).

And S3 had some of the more interesting character archetypes that were more easy to understand compared to S2.


…yeah XD