Which one?

Which one would you pick?


Definitely Spartan 117.

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Gordon Freeman

You picked Gordon? Bwahahahahahaha!!!

You are so dead.

I’d pick, um…

Yea, I’d pick the Chief - didn’t he beat Samus in a Monty Oum video that 1 time?

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I gotta go with the Hero of Time. I’m not even a Nintendo fan (generally speaking), I just have faith in the faefolk. That arsenal is outrageous.

EDIT: By “arsenal” I mean time travel.

Chief Master! Of course!

I’m gonna go with Scorpion. The rest of the characters are -for all intents and purposes- mortal. Ironically, he is not.

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He’s also the only 1 to have actually died. Don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d want a dead man protecting me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Though he’s also one of the only ones on the list who’s game franchise isn’t dead.

Say what!? The only ones that are really in question are Half-Life and maybe Mega Man. All of the others have either released something rather recently or have something already in the works.

I dunno man. Lords of Shadow 2 didn’t exactly bring the Castlevania hype train, Other M and Federation force aren’t doing Metroid any favors. Cloud hasn’t actually been involved in Final Fantasy for a rather long time.
Halo being dead is more of a personal thing to me, since it’s objectively doing okay.

So SFV recovered from its launch, MKX sold like twinkies, and Zelda has a main-line title coming out soon that seems to have stuff going for it.

Nothing’s really dead forever in games, of course. That’s why we’re getting ShaqFu2. I’m just a bit of a butthead when it comes to this sort of thing.

Remake, man (three games worth)! Also Smash.

Scorpion. Hands Down.

Idk a lot of these guys. I would probably go with Link, Scorpion or Ryu.

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I’d say Scorpion but then again, he couldn’t protect his family :^)

Chief. Easy.

He defeats people like everyone on this list at least once per game.

Scorpion. He can drag you down to hell. Not even a super soldier stands a chance against that.

He could


Oh yeah, DOOM Guy aka DOOM Marine

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Cloud. Because he can beat Ultima weapon, & that thing is pretty much a 1-hit kill on anything.