Which is Gargos's power true color?

Okay, so we know that the green mist in Season 3 logo and in the Character Select Screen is from “Gargos’s invasion on Earth”

But we also know that the Shadow Energy is purple, and is probably from one of the Shadow Lords that will appear later in the game… Which is Gargos…

But we also know that Omen was made by Gargos using Shadow Energy (Right?), and Shadow Jago also have a “Blue Color-Power”

So, my question is:

Which is Gargos’s power true color?
Green like the mist?
Purple like the Shadow Energy?
Blue like Omen and Shadow Jago?

huh? how do you know all that?

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Well, they said in the stream that the green mist was from "Gargos’s invasion on Earth"
They said that the Shadow Purple Bar have “Shadow Energy”, so I guess: Shadow Energy = Shadow Lord = Gargos
And Omen and Shadow Jago is somehow creations of Gargos

awe man, I couldn’t hear anybody on stream. it sounded like background noise.

He’ll probably be a reddish color like he was in KI2.

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Or this color

Since people keep asking for more Omen colors why not give him a corrupted shadow energy color?? Seems like a quick and easy thing to do that would make sense and please a lot of people.