Which are for you?

…The easiest and hardest characters to break? regarding to auto doubles mostly

Same with manuals and linkers (if you like breaking them with ease)

For instance:

Easier: Riptor, Sabrewulf, Jago, Aganos
Harder: Hisako, *Aria, *Kan Ra, *Cinder
Medium: Orchid, Fulgore, Sadira, Thunder and anyone else

  • I confuse lights auto doubles of all these characters, can’t tell lights from mediums perfectly

Linkers: I think some characters linker are ambiguos and hard to react. Aria has some, same with Omen kicks. Thusk with his qcb + P XD
Honestly, unless I know them by heart, hearing them is the best lead I have . However it may be tricky sometimes. Some even have a visual feature whichs is not always obvious. (by the way eclipse has no visual feature, I laugh when people break that after the ender, lol).

Manuals: I break them more when I see a clear pattern or when I’m expecting them. But it’s a gamble if you want to go 100% right on breaking them. Specially if you consider this: Have you seen Glacius LK and MK manual at close? try to break them. They are the same animation, but maybe the LK is just some miliseconds faster. Anyway, hard to tell.
TJ combos manuals when he is juggling sometimes confuse me when he change his arms to hit (mmh, just with mediums and heavies).

Easy to break? Riptor, Jago/Shago, RAAM, Wulf
Difficult for me to break? Kim Wu, Eyedol, Gargos, Jago’s Manuals

The biggest issue is when autos or linkers look really similar. I either get a timing lockout or I start guessing, which isn’t a good thing.

True,Jago’s AD are easy to break, but manuals are another thing XD I love the idea of animations being so different. Riptor and Wulf are great examples of these .

None really lol I suck at breaking


There’s already a thread about this.

If we’re calling out duplicates, the thread you posted didn’t appear until an hour or after this one.

Easy: Jago/Shago, RAAM, Gargos, Eyedol, Orchid
Moderate: Riptor*
Difficult: Hisako**, Glacius, Wulf

*: Riptors doubles are actually pretty easy to break, but I have a bad tendency to see the hitsparks on her M biting double and break H thinking fire. I know they look different, but it’s often too late.

**: I’ve had a LOT of practice breaking Hisako, and most of it still pretty difficult, but the windup doubles aren’t a problem for me anymore. I can differentiate the windup pose, and break when I see her release it. Otherwise, though, she’s still kind of tricky. I don’t really bother trying to break EX ORZ anymore, I think I’m at 100% lockout against that move.

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