Where's the S3 soundtrack?

Shouldn’t it be on iTunes and Amazon by now, now that Season 3’s done? I really want to have it on my iPhone (officially), particularly the Halo stage theme.

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Better versions are on youtube. Full versions


Maybe there are some tracks yet to be added? Or perhaps they could be modifying soundtracks for an album release like with many of the Season 2 songs.


I think it’s coming out right after Shadow Lords releases in late September.

Also, I think that the composers end up reworking some of the tracks for the album. When composing for the game, the songs are modular. Their components are just based on what a match needs, so the correct module can be called by the game for the current circumstances. Maybe composing for the game just means making sure the modules sound right individually. Then, when it’s album time, the composers go back and make sure all modules fit together into cohesive pieces.


Patience patience. I’m sure it will come. I mean S2 ended in may and the soundtrack didn’t come until August. It’s only a matter of time.


Reckon it’ll come with the KI DE. So just wait and buy that if you can, or wait for what should be a digital release down the road

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I honestly think something has happened to Cellar dweller and Atals plugg…Like they dont work for MS anymore on this project. Something isnt right…and until MS confirms this isnt true and they are still working on the game…I think they have left and not on good terms.

Why would there be videos for 4 characters and behind the scenes and then all of a sudden…NOTHING for the remaining 4 characters???

Also to me RAAM and EYEDOLS tunes dont sound like CD & AP collaboration.

Maybe Im wrong…but this is what Im thinking right now.



can anyone confirm this!!!

Well, if you saw the latest news on the official site, you know that’s not true :wink: