Where's the characters?

I got KI today and I only have one character. Help?

If you have the free version you will only get one character, but every month they change/rotate between all characters in the rooster.

You might also have just paid for the one character you currently have now.

If you want them all you have to buy one of all different versions they have out now.


And welcome to KI family! : D

Since it sounds like you still don’t own the whole game check the games with gold tab. Mine still shows KI up as free.

If only you got it in January… season 1 was free all month with gold

The free version of the game has one character that rotates out periodically so you can try the entire cast, if you want more characters now you can buy them individually for about $5 each or in a pack that saves you a considerable amount of money. Its $20 per season and each season gets you around 8 characters. If you want everything a season has to offer you can get the $40 Ultra pack per season and that gives you all of that season’s characters, their retro outfits, alternate accessory sets and one of the classic KI games on Xbox One.

You can save even more money if you buy the season 1 & 2 complete pack that gives you EVERYTHING released so far at a greater discount of around $60 right now, marked down from $80.

Whew this game is expensive lol