Where's Shadow Jago?

So I’ve recently got hooked to KI after playing it at my friends and I have to ask why is shadow Jago not available to buy now? I heard he was in Janaury(?) but completely vanished now.

Unfortunately, that is the situation currently. We don’t know when he will be made available again. They did this to give Shadow Jago an element of exclusivity.

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That’s a bummer I’m ok with exclusive colors like what they give for buying the figures but having an exclusive character is annoying for anybody coming into the game for the first time.

He will be up someday. Probably whenever they do another fund raiser.

I imagine he will have another wave of availability coming soon, with S3 on the horizon and likley bringing in new players with the pc version they are going to want to give the new players a chance to buy him


I hope so he looks like a fun character to use

Not you too! As a Riptor player, I really hate Shago. It’s hard to react to any of his air attacks without using meter.

It was a limited release, though he’ll be back someday I’m sure.

I’m betting on him being back on the 29th

@Ziarist I personally like using spinal and hisako but shadow Jago looks fun to use playing with friends.

My local friends all hate playing against him. Even though a lot of what he does is unsafe on block, it’s hard to consistently block him without having a ft10 with multiple people. Hell, I’m barely getting used to the startup animations for all his moves.

I imagine Shago will be back up for sale soon. The new players on Win 10 should have a chance to get him.

@Ziarist Yeah he sounds cheap and brokenish but that’s what I’m liking about the character I find it hilarious to watch and in turn would like to play as, he kind of reminds me of the zany stuff that happens in the “test your luck” mode in MKX.

Granted if I wanted to do actual matchups I would go with my favorites and do hard hitting combos and play the mind games.

@Tedakin That’s what I’m hoping for at this point.

Yeah personally I think he should just available all the time. I guess there’s a promotional reason to do it the way they do.

He really should be available all the time. Locking game play related content behind a wall for no reason will hurt KI in the long run.

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Have you tried looking in the shadows? :smiley:

The real tragedy is that buying a $30 shadow jago figure should probably net you a code for shadow jago.

I ordered the shago figure and I don’t have shago to play with in the game. It makes me sad.

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He will probably be available again at the launch of S3.

Yeah the limited availability is really annoying and just makes things complicated and arduous for new users. I really hope that with the S3/PC launch they just make him readily available for everyone at all times.