Where's my KI Gold?

i purchased the Shadow Jago community pack, and got my KI Gold but i never spended it.
So now that i wanted to spend my gold on some accesories it shows that i have 0 gold?
Who can help me with this? is this a known bug? what should i do?

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Shhhh. (whispering) theres nothing to see here mario. everything is running exactly as it should.

Read my post down the line titled “2 versions of KI” and private message me as to not upset the upper echelons of the forums.

some people report the devs helping some dont. to be honest i would like to see if u ever will get it back, so if you resolve the problem let us know.

I would message @rukizzel and @GoogleMyName about this issue.

TGZ Boss Wulf

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thanks man, i will

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Yep. They’d be the ones to help you out!