Where's double XP this weekend?

Just wondering off if anyone heard anything about the Double XP for weekend?

There was no announcement and they said it would be one character per weekend.

I was expecting double wulf XP too.

I believe they want you to preorder KI season 3 to receive Double XP for lifetime; could be wrong though.

That’s fine, I preordered anyways but it doesn’t start until launch, and this is a seperate promotion they started a month ago, they ashtray knew of the pre-order promotions etc…

They wouldn’t have said that it’s a new thing they’re doing going forward if it was temporary.

I was hoping for a double XP weekend for ARIA, but with Season 3 only 10 days away, I can be patient. :wink:


Since KIWC I got back into KI but only on weekends because if the Double XP and because mid-week I have no time.

I have a lot of grinding left and without dblxp I have no motivation to play some.

I guess I’ll wait until next week when the Game is out :slight_smile:

It was going to be today, but we had to lock down some stuff for the weekends until we launch. We’re close though!

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I know right. Those were so fun to do. Matter of fact, this weekend was going to be the entire Season 2 roster since they are on sale. When I got the news I was so sad.

They will be back, though!

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I hope we get that double xp for season two soon! I just got it and it would be awesome to max out my Aganos and Riptor!