Where You At?

This thread is to help find people in your area that also play KI so you can help start your own community. No need to get too specific.

I’m from Michigan around the Detroit area.

Tampa, FL. I’d love to see more offline scene in this town.

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Chicago, willing to attend weeklies…

Bay area CA not much here mostly SF Mahvel or Smash

Belgium / Ostend

so far i dont know any1 from around my area thats play KI :frowning:

Montreal. I’m down for some seshes if anyone’s around.

Kansas City

:baseball: GO ROYALS :baseball:

:tiger: Go Tigers :tiger:

Orlando area. Not sure if there is any scene here yet.

York, Pennsylvania.

There is some form of FGC I think in Lancaster or Harrisburg, but I haven’t actually had the free time to check it out, which sucks.

The only one from Sweden :sunglasses:

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I feel you. Switzerland here

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Montreal, Tyzo hit me up bro!

Sweden! I’m a big Per Gessle fan

The Netherlands; in the Utrecht area.

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How did you use your Facebook picture intead of Xbox? I can’t figure out how to change my profile picture at all.

West Monroe, Louisiana (USA) The 1 and only KI fan/ player I know around here.

If you have ever seen the show Duck Dynasty…thats the town I live in…yeah… country…ducks and lots of hunting…but the girls are mega hot though!

Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

Florida, near Gainesville.

Atlanta, GA, USA