Where is the Kim Wu trailer?!?!

Is there anyone who would like to share their sorrows while we painfully wait for Kim Wu’s trailer to be released? :frowning:


As I said from before I have a really good feeling that Kim Wu’s official trailer is going to debut/premiere next month in September. At the same time somewhere in September next month :wink:

Calm down guys. The trailer will probably include more than just Kim Wu.
Expect a trailer to hit in february.

We won’t get S3 until march, the game has been out for years. I wonder how much it would benefit the game to release more than one trailer before release.

It’s better to focus on the game instead of the trailers(although the trailers are probably not made by the devs themselves)

Have you guys read the Day 2 Pax Prime recap article? Looks like there will be a stream tomorrow from 5-6pm PST to talk KI and its community. Might get some good news!

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A stream tomorrow?! THERE IS HOPE!

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Shouldn’t we get something about Shadow Jago before thinking about S3?


Patient and wait…

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Same as T.J. on season 2. October i guess. Kim-Wu trailer then season 3 trailer.
But this time they’ve said that season 3 would launch with much more characters than season 2.

So definately, new trailer schedule is unknown.

I’m checking every topic in the forums for ANY news for September. The wait is real :confused:

There is a stream here:

Not sure if kim wu will be there or shago but there talking Killer instinct :smile:

Edit: Nothing really happened…

That stream are very boring…

AND…Nothing about either character…

What’s the point about that stream… You can tell me what they talk about? I’m deaf.

It was an Interview for the most part

I thought there would be a trailer but I guess nothing is ready to be shown yet!

Oh well…

Oh, I know how your feels. Stream have few views!?!?! Wow, that suck!

Maybe Tokyo Game show?

No way, there won’t be anything like that for a long time. You know how this stuff goes; they aren’t going to talk about anything and just drop hints until like days or hours beforehand. I would be surprised to receive a whole lot of Season 3 info in the form of trailers/streams this year.

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