Where do I buy swag?

Seriously. Why is it so hard to buy a T-shirt? Furthermore, why is there no official swag store on this website?

Penny arcade and Eighty sixed clothing. also if you search Killer instinct t shirts…there are tons of other companies that make unlicensed merch and some of its pretty good. I got one of ebay from China thats really cool.

Just search… its really not that hard at all…I bet i could find 20 different shrts in 1 google search

I know that his true. I wanted to buy official merch if it exists to support the cause.

Check under the “News” section of the forums. There’s been quite a few notices for new official KI shirts (usually from 86th clothing)

Eighty sixed are pretty much the official shirt guys, much like Ultimate Source is making the official figures.

I’ve bought a few shirts from them already and plan to buy more once they announce more.


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These are really cool…I have to get me an Omen one!


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