Where are the extra colors?

Ok so first hello everyone I’m new to the forum ok well I’m not new I just now made a account but anyway when you buy the ultra edition for season 3 it said extra colors but I have seen any news colors so I was wondering what is going on where are my extra colors ?

It is coming at a later date.

I think they’re coming in the MIra update this week. They said something about it in the PAX stream.

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ok thank you we should of had the colors at launch but hey they r coming and thats all that matters

Also remember they are only for the retro costumes.

O I Didn’t know that why doesn’t it say extra retro colors o well I have all the retro so thats not really a problem

Yeah it really should have specified that.

From what I remember, Rukari said that there’s a character limit on the descriptions of items in the Store. (ex. Twitter’s 140 character limit)