Where are my additionally bought characters


OK so i bought KI on PC on the official MS store. Everything was fine and after some cool lime spent with the game i decided to move on. Then yesterday i decided to play again some matches with friends and suprise suprise the 3 additional characters that i paid for are missing. I’m talking about Kilgore, Shin Hisako and Eagle. So WTF is going on - when i select any of the mentioned characters the game says that i already own them. Then it sends me to My library on Windows where those characters should be ready to download but guess what - they are not there. So i looked for some one from the support team of the game but there is no way to talk directly to the support. WTF is wrong with this game. Was i scamed by KI developpers. If some one can help with info how to fix this issue or how to contact the developpers it will be much appreciated. I can’t believe that MS are doing such things - this feels a lot like a reason for law case.


No, man. You have not been scammed. There’s some issue regarding these 3 characters on PC or steam version of the game. There’s a topic adressing this matter. That a look at it. I believe there’s a way to solve it. Something about updating the files on Windows 10. Not sure since I play on Xbox one. Good luck!


Lol. I’m sure the Supreme Court will want to take the case of the guy who’s DLC glitched. Maybe start by calling them up and asking for your money back for a game you likely paid a whole $20 for.


LMAO… a “Law Case”. Come on dude… you know that in the digital age of PC games and DLC…stuff happens…things glitch. :You’ve come to the right place but you failed to search before posting a bunch of nonsense. IM sure someone will eventually link you to the thread where you can get the help you need…but it will likely take longer since you threaten with lawsuits and claiming you have been scammed by hard working developers of KI.

Hint…the thread reads something like “Still experiencing Eagle issues?” Something to that nature.