When's S3 single player? When are Tusk and Kim shadows?

Why is season 3 story mode not available right away, at least for the new characters? I know that that’s not how it was done in the past, but single player content is important when you’re moving to a new platform and trying to include a new audience. More importantly: when is it coming? Also, when is Tusk (and Kim Wu, just for the sake of it) going to be available in Shadows mode? I like to warm up doing a round of Shadow Survival.

INB4 “Stay tuned…”

I was also bummed by the lack of an Arcade mode for the S3 characters.
Just something like Season 1 would be fine if they don’t have time for the story modes of Season 2.

To be fair, Season 2 story mode didn’t happen until all the characters were released and that made sense. And we do have a lot of promising stuff coming. It’s just that launching on a new platform for a new crowd begs for some single player content.

Remember, the PC players haven’t experienced the S1 and S2 stories, played with Shadows mode, or even Survival mode (unless they were previously playing on an X1, of course) so there’s plenty of single player content there for the moment. Like you said, S2’s story didn’t launch until all the characters are out, and I’d expect the same with S3.

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You’re right, I hadn’t considered that.