When's K.I. Sign at Evo 2016

This man needs to be applauded. I feel it signifies the discontent with K.I. Being a Saturday only game. Deserves the Sunday finale like the other games.

You mean Sunday finale? Because your statement is worded awkwardly and a little confusingly.

But I do have to admit, three EVO appearances and it still gets put on an entire one and done Saturday event, with no real respect to earn a Sunday finale like most of the other games listed. I do feel KI is overlooked in this regard and if it is at EVO next year, the finals schedule needs to be evaluated to accommodate the game with a proper amount of respect.


Personally, I was really happy for the tourney ending on Saturday because I had to leave EVO a day early, so I got to watch Top 8.

But I get what the problem is here. We want the scene to grow, but these tournament setups don’t make it easy.

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Well we did have the least entrants. i want more ki love as much as the next guy but let’s be real here, lowest entries means no primetime spots.


yeah haha Sunday proof reading is important haha

wow is it really that low for player count?

About 500 something players.

SFV had 5000 something.

yeah # of entrants is growing each year. I think, maybe, if next year has 750 entrants, it will be moved to sunday…

At least it had a healthy amount of viewers for a saturday event

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Wow it was the lowest count. Marvel had 220 more participants… Damn even GGxrd doubled it. Geez.

The number of people who grew up with KI is significantly less than the number of people who grew up with SF and Tekken.

SF and Tekken are EVERYWHERE. so they are usually the games that people first pick up. Its just a simple cause and effect of exposure. Unfortunately, in most cases, breaking that effect is impossible. The odds of KI being anywhere CLOSE to SF in event numbers is extremely small. Near impossible.

Even if KI was the perfect game, popularity and relatability will always trump quality.


Yep, Which is why it bugs me everytime i bumped into a ki player at the venue and they were like “oh i didn’t sign up, i would have lost”. Well yeah, only a few people sign up with the intention of winning, the rest of us just come to have fun and support the game. Just a small bump and we wouldn’t have been last.


Seriously. I knew I wasn’t going to win but I’m happy going 3-2. Really glad I participated and hope to come back to EVO next year.

This was my first EVO and for anyone reading competing Saturday was the most fun I have ever had with the game. So for anyone worried about being the statistic of 0 and 2, it was well worth the experience. I highly encourage any and everyone to sign up next year, not only to help us grow as a community, but for an experience that can only be described as incredible. To all that competed, ggs and I can’t wait to see higher numbers for next year.

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My first EVO as well. First FGC major too. Really positive experience. I hope KI is at EVO next year. I’m gonna stay with this game for a long time, based on the track record of IG/MS.

This was my first KI national tournament and it was singlehandedly one of the best experiences of my life! The love and energy from pools all the way to grand finals was through the roof! I learned a lot from the people i played against and was able to squeak my way out of pools. The saucey suite was great as well but unfortunately i had to leave early. I just hope next year sees even more entrants! Mandalay Bay was hype and KI there would ve the sickest thing ever!