When you fight Gargos, are you having fun?

I asked my followers to chime in. Here are the results…


What do you guys think?

… to clarify, I mean in multiplayer - not Shadow Lords.

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Where is the both option though… Kappa.

I think he is fun to fight with.

Like @SlenderCashew50 HAS A REALLY GOOD GARGOS. And I find it fun to fight against it :smiley:


Thats depends of the characters that i use to fight against him. For example a have a lot of fun in a mirror match or using Riptor and i really hate using Cinder against Gargos.

Interesting. Did they state the reasons why? It might help pinpoint the problem people have fighting Gargos.


There should have been a neither option.

As far as your results, I feel like the intention was for Gargos to be annoying to fight. He’s supposed to be a cheap boss character. I think IG nailed that. Is it good for the game? That’s up to debate I suppose.

I admittedly don’t like fighting him either, but I see where he struggles so I can deal.


I have fun cause they freak out when their strategies don’t work.

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You also didn’t specify whether this is referring to boss or multiplayer Gargos. Some people could be polling for the former and not the latter which would skew the results.


Not fun to fight.

I actually kind of enjoy fighting him. It’s an interesting mix of tools to navigate around, and I like how drastically the presence of a minion onscreen changes the flow of the fight. He’s catchable and generally punishable, but you have to know how to approach it. I like that challenge - you have this interesting tug-of-war between the need to get in an establish pressure, and the need to wait it out and really pick that proper moment to go in.

So yeah, I find him fun to fight. My personal un-fun MU is Fulgore. That character is bloody annoying :-p


Eh, the only annoying character to fight is shago. Only because or derp ports.


It depends on the player.

I have fun fighting him. He’s got a really interesting kit that makes for a fight unlike any other match I’ve ever played in a fighting game.

I do wish your poll wasn’t just pure binary, and I am interested in the why of both, but alas, we’ll never know.

Honestly, I wonder how many Sadira mains voted, because Sadira seems to be an incredibly popular character, and I KNOW they don’t have fun against him. XD


Fighting Gargos is fun as all hell! The reason I believe this is that he tests just about every single level of fundamentals that this game has to offer! Here’s some stuff that people can start thinking about if they’re having a difficult time fighting him (or any character) to improve their fundamentals, create a mindset that’s more about figuring out what you can do to stop/prevent options, and in general raise the skill floor of the entire game!

  • Blockstring interruption (for this example, cr.MP xx L Reckoning). There is a gap in that string that gives you enough time to interrupt it with an invincible move! It’s extremely tight but with a couple of tries, it’s easily doable! If your character doesn’t have an invincible move, how well can you Shadow Counter? The visual cue is staggeringly big and gives you enough time to react to it!

  • Space/Neutral control. Are you able to advance onto a Gargos that liberally uses Portal Punches? How good are you at keeping him out of the air? (Sure I understand some characters have a hard time doing this but that’s what the lab is for, test to see what is capable!)

  • Oki (knockdown pressure). Do you have meaty timings down against him? Are you able to continuously mix him up to where he has to resort to doing Heavy Reckoning to escape? Are you able to bait it and punish him before he’s able to land and cancel into Instinct?

  • Adapting to pressure. Are you able to sit there patiently enough and wait for an opening to either advance on him or attack him when he’s staggering Portal Punch/Devil’s Divide/Izzik and Dretch pressure?

  • Conditioning. Are you able to prevent him from being able to dash forward and do a Devil’s Divide in your face? Are you able to make him want to stay on the ground so he can’t escape with his jumps? Can you hinder any of his defensive options to the point where he hesitates doing them for fear of being punished?

And so on. These are the things that people need to ask themselves if they want to get better! Always be wary of anything that is strong until you’ve fully researched it! I understand that there’s times where a Gargos (or any character for that matter) just stomps you because they’re just better than you. It’s not fun when that happens but the real fun of fighting games kicks in at that point! What do you do to become better so that way even if the matchup is bad, you can still beat people that play X character?

To me, this is why I find Gargos to be one of the most fun matchups in the entire game, even if I get stomped. He’s a great character to test how well you truly understand the game!

As for you Mr @llPaulBll , what are your thoughts on the matchup? Do you (dis)like it or are you indifferent? If so, care to have a civil discussion with us? Hopefully we can all learn something from each other! Discussion is always fun! :slight_smile:


fighting gargos is very fun to fight its a challenge and unique in a way i love his design

It’s fun until he has minions out. Then the struggle becomes real. I think that’s the point though.

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Experiment wise, i think it is very fun to have and fight gargos and his minions, i never thought a fighting game could have 3 unique characters in one working in tandem seamlessly, even tho the other 2 are minions, This is another reason why we all have to respect and trust KEITS with decision making. . !! I the nigerian KI war general i do not respect many. But when i tell u i respect keits a lot, , i really really mean it becos of decisions like this that we all end up loving.

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… just to clarify, I’m not talking about Shadow Lords here. Strictly multiplayer.

Too late there, buddy. Your poll results are already in AND slanted. You should’ve prefaced it prior to your poll.

The question is a bit weird to me. It would really depend on the character, surely. If you use a character that has an easy time staying in, then I imagine it’s lots of fun because you get to abuse the weakest defense in the game until he dies. If you use a character that has a harder time staying in, then it’s probably not as fun.

What I think you’re probably really asking is “is it fun to fight Gargos when he is at the peak of his momentum?” and it’s probably not. But then again, it’s not fun fighting most characters when they’re at the peak of their momentum… in any game, really.

So maybe the question you’re asking is “can Gargos get to the peak of his momentum easy and often enough to make characters with bad matchups against zoners able to reasonably maintain a…” and then you would run out of twitter characters.

My point is it’s a bit of a loaded question you asked and I’m not sure how you intend to decipher the results.


So, this scientifically proves that 2/3 of people who listen to Paul complain about Gargos all the time (less than 120 people) don’t like fighting Gargos. Meaning… not much as far as I can tell.

I would much rather fight Gargos than Eyedol.

But I think the idea that zoners or characters that control space at frustrating to fight against is well known. But the solution isn’t to never make a zoner. We need this kind of variety to make the game varied and interesting. You just need to either deal with it and accept your losses or learn to tough it out and win the matches.

Playing any player who is good enough to make you look foolish is frustrating and can be “not fun.”