When you face Rash in survival mode

It’s strange that if you fight against Rash in survival mode, it automaticly selects Kan-Ra’s stage and theme.
Wouldn’t it better if the Game selects a random or the most fitting stage with Rash’s theme ?

This could be also done with every other character that doesn’t have a stage


This has been discussed in the past. I believe it had to do with the fact that Rash comes through a portal in his intro, and since Kan-Ra’s stage is the only stage with a portal… It kinda fits. :wink:

That makes sense but it would be better with Rash’s theme.

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Rash creates his own portal, there is no need to justify it by using Kan-Ra’s stage.


Well, it’s obvious they’re not the same portal. Doesn’t mean they weren’t “created” in similar fashion. :wink:

to be honest i think they just put him on Kan ra’s stage just to give him an identity, unlike Harry Potter, who might get saddled with someones else’s stage as well.

Honestly Riptors, Orchids, or Cinders stage suits Rash better then Kan Ra’s stage.

I don’t know if any particular stage suits him if you’re taking look, tone, etc. Kan Ra having a portal in his stage is the only type of connection I see.

That’s said, he should have his own music on his “home” stage no matter what stage that happens to be.

You’re right, I feel that is a lack of attentiveness on the developers parts. I hate that it is the case but I think they could have automated Rash to have his theme with Kan Ra’s stage.

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I actually made a thread about this a while back about my concerns for the characters without stages during survival mode. Not having the character’s theme playing when you fight them is kind of a bummer.

On the surface it seems like a simple fix (note: I’m not super skilled in this regard, but it seems like a quick and simple fix to the casual eye.) Instead of the game selecting just “X character on Stage Y”, with the music swapper it should be "X character on Stage Y with Music Z"
So it would work something like this:

Character: Orchid
Stage: Rebel Outpost
Music: Orchid Theme

Character: Mira
Stage: Alchemical Lab
Music: Mira Theme