When you are chased by a Horde of Spinal mimics, What you gonna do?

1 - Run And Hide

2 - Call Ultratech

3 - Call 911

4 - _Use a HEAVY MACHINE GUN Found in the treasure bo_x

5 - Act like you’re one of them

6 - Call That plumber-like Mario to gomp stomp them all

6.5 - Call that Shepherd-named like General Raam to fight the horde with horde

7 - Become an invincible goat of destruction

8 - Become an overwatch character from your choice

9 - Call a dog to savor the bones of the spinal horde ( Idea by Jihatden )

Questions made for fun ^^


9 - Call my dog, who loves bones.

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facepalm I Entirely forgot that one
I will add that one Right to the list

Number 7. It’s the only way.

You know, you will apply Goat simulator’s Laws of Physics here when you make the choice

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Call ghost busters??

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Well in this case I would now go with option #2: Call Ultratech. They can easily take care of them, I believe :wink: :laughing:

Summon your inner fire cat!

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Option X: FADC into Ultra.

Call Sabrewulf… he’s kind of a dog and he’ll gnaw those bones in style.

I also heard from a good source that he also accepts belly rubs as payment. :smile:

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