When will this game be COMPLETED?

I am just curious. 2018? 2019? 2020? (due to Street Fighter V not being completed until then)

They’ve repeatedly stated that they’ll keep making content as long as there’s a demand for it and we keep buying it. To that point, I’d say the date of “completion” is entirely open ended.

Personally, I’m still hoping for one more season of content. Change the UI colors to something darker, add eight or nine more characters, including a few of those awesome survey ideas, more stages (maybe even a few classic stages for the Ultra edition), perhaps put some more money, if possible, in to smoothing out some of the character appearances and then add a large story content drop in to Shadow Lords.

Basically, find as much of a way as possible while bringing this stuff out, to put a bow on the seasonal series. Smooth as much out as possible. Maybe dig in and fix a few of the issues that many fans have had for a while like the older retros and what not. I know that stuff isn’t profitable on its own, so maybe doing it as part of a season would work?

Either way, like I said, it’s open ended. Even if there’s no season 4, which would be sad, I tend to think they’ll keep supporting the game for a long(ish) time with smaller DLC like colors and what not.

I think there’s enough characters for a fourth season that they can introduce. S4 can bring:

rushdown glacius
the general
babylonian king
wealthy nobleman
the tsar
wendigo creature
arianna (shadow orchid?)
lovecraftian character
sea character
joanna dark (if we get another guest)
magic archer

and some of those could even be merged into one! (example, lovecraftian and sea character could be 1 instead of 2)

Add retro stages, alternate costumes (i.e. ben ferris for cinder) the ability to select KI1 music for matches, a true arcade mode and maybe some polish.


I’d assume this last upcoming character is final with some nice small things to sprinkle on top. We don’t need more characters or another season. We just need a lot of bug fixes & certain things to address.

This game just needs time away from development as we wait for a sequel instead.

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Speak for yourself. I’m hoping for a fourth season personally. I’m a fan of the season model. MKX came out and I was done with it completely within a couple of months. If KI was to stop now who’s to say we’d even get a sequel. I’ll keep supporting for future content.

Season four just needs a slightly longer developer time than what they had for the previous seasons. Just enough to add in polish.

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When would you expect a sequel?

I just want more costumes with accessories.
Maybe just one more costume for everyone, not a smoke color filter, not a weapon swap of barbecue tongs from lethal electric spring batons, something actually awe-inspiring, if someone would just think to make them.

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I highly doubt that’s the case, given the survey they had us fill out. None of those characters are in-game, so I’m certain that this isn’t the end.

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IG is just trolling us, they are secretly working on another fighter ‘Instinct Killer’ and the main character is a magic archer who has to defeat a Lovecraftian Horror with the help of Crackdown Agent and Joanna Dark and a friendly Djinn, they didnt anticipate the Lovecraftion Horror to have help from a Wendigo and a monstrous ape…

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Budget has been super tight & they still sprinkle nice cosmetics for us. We’ll see.

I’d prefer a sequel instead of an overstuffed roster with more changes & this is coming from a season 1, 2, & 3 player lol

Well I only just bought the game for PC last year on launch so I hope we get atleast another 2 years of goodies and stuff.

If they rerelease 4k version for scorpio, a graphical upgrade or some extra launch stuff that will translate as a patch for the PC version would be good too.

There’s still 4 more spots on that roster to fill and they need to make more stages.
just take all my money KI, name your price :slight_smile:

I would be really sad to see everything just stop after the final character is released.


I know when it will be complete. Its when the world ends! Or when ms goes bankrupt.

With KI being done with the seasonal model with various smaller updates thrown in I’d say we’ll be likely to see a sequel about the same time we see Minecraft 2.

a sequel would be useless. It is not a game focused on the story or the narrative. This kind of game content and require continuous adjustments and DLC over time.
I prefer a season 4. I do not want a new KI, just means starting all over again and not have the confidence to get back around the complete cast. It would be a disaster.


Soooo within the next few thousand years?

Oh so never …I’m done for KI going on for eternity😃Or at least a few more years if we don’t get a sequel

Pretty much what I have to say:

Very true, Thats why it took sf4 8 years to get a sequel. Ki only has 3 & half. Too young for a sequel

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