When we will get some info

I honestly can’t believe it’s been this long without so much as a peep about whether or not this game is done for or not. I mean you figure we would have at least heard SOMETHING by now; just saying yeah the game is finished for good, and we aren’t planning on adding anymore characters or stages or Anything at all would be great and people could stop hoping for something that’s not going to come. It’s just really very odd to me how one day it just all came to an abrupt end. The developers, to me at least , seemed to just disappear overnight when it comes to talking about the game

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Can’t you just like… Play the game?


Developers disappearing usually is the way they let people know a game is done. They never come out and straight up announce something like that.


I can and do , like play the game. And well that’s rather disappointing if that’s actually the case here.

I`m waiting for finishing moves - fatalities, humiliations. With those - this game would be 100% complete for me :kissing_closed_eyes:


More of EVERYTHING!!! For the KI Sequel 4K

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I believe James Goddard said something about March 23rd in the ‘new content Tuesday’ thread? I’m guessing it will mostly be about the Kilgore fund and not a season 4/sequel thing.

I mean iron galaxy don’t even patch the game any more. The guys on the Microsoft side do. It’s safe to say IG has moved on. Extinction is about to launch and they’re pitching more switch ports.

We’ve had a ton a content since the game launched in 2013. I’d like a fourth season sure but im not holding my breath. I think the game has been left in a great state. Really fun to play, tons of stages and great themes.

I do wish the menus would have had a revamp if all is said and done but that doesn’t look likely at this point.

For what it’s worth I played both MKX and Tekken 7 for a couple of months before moving on so I think IG and MS deserve some credit for supporting this game for as long as they did.

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We had a bug fix patch what, three weeks ago?

So, this is not a topic that needed a whole new thread - since it has been discussed in multiple other threads. But just to humor you, why don’t you do this. Sit down with a pen and paper (or keyboard or phone) and write out the “announcement” that you seem to want to see that development on KI is effectively over and they won’t be launching new content. Now review it and take out any language that might be misconstrued by the wildly imaginative readers of the internet as suggesting the game is “dead” or will no longer be playable or supported at tournaments/online. If, after this removal, you still have any words left, imagine what a marketing expert would tell you about the messaging, branding etc. and delete anything you don’t think such an expert would like or that they might feel would distract or detract from the messaging of the Killgore fund announcement expected later this week. If there are any words left now then you haven’t imagined that conversation correctly, but just for the sake of argument read over what you have left. Now ask the question, what is the positive outcome of releasing this compared to releasing nothing at all? What are the potential negatives of releasing this compared with saying nothing at all? If you would still favor releasing the statement you have in front of you, just imagine your boss at MS firing you for being grossly incompetent.

If you follow the steps above, this will give you a rough idea of why you aren’t going to get the announcement you’re looking for.


Well, @DiGiJUL3S, if you’re seeing some blow back here, it’s only because this is something that’s come up a fairly decent amount over the last year. But no, I get the sentiment of wanting finality, I do. It sucks when there’s something you like and you’re just sort of floating in this are of uncertainty, waiting for an announcement of more content that may never come.

But as Andy indicated above, you kinda have to look at it from their perspective as well in order to see why an announcement like that really wouldn’t be in their best interest. It’s not a selfish thing or a money grubbing thing or anything like that either. I’m sure they have no desire to “kill” the game any further by pronouncing it complete. In the fighting game world, that’s the kiss of death.

Now, you might say “the game’s already missing EVO” or “who cares if competitive players move on” or anything along those lines. But again, there’s really no benefit in telling people the game is done. There’s really only drawbacks.

I suppose one could argue that being candid with your fanbase might get you some level of appreciation for such honesty. But I don’t really think that most fans would be that impressed either way. Some might, certainly. But still.

Personally, I’m still holding out a sliver of hope that we get SOME sort of KI related announcement at E3, whether it’s season 4 or a new game. MS is in arguably the worst software draught since they’ve been putting out consoles. I’d have to think they want to be able to show as much new, exclusive stuff at E3 as humanly possible, and since they already have the groundwork of three seasons for KI, would it really be that difficult to greenlight a 4th season? I also can’t imagine it’d be that much of an investment.

Plus, after the Scalebound issues, they’ve taken an attitude of not announcing games until they’re closing in on completion (or somewhere thereabouts), so games don’t show up at E3 and then aren’t heard from for long patches of time. If KI were to appear at E3, my guess is that season 4 or a new KI might launch this Fall.

That’s my hope, anyways. No, I’m obviously not holding my breath.

I agree that it sucks to play the waiting game. We still have a great game to play, certainly, but it’s always nice to know what’s next or down the road or way out on the horizon or whatever but sadly, that’s just not going to be the case with this game. Not now, not for a while, maybe not ever. All we can do is be hopeful that KI doesn’t end up on the scrap heap with Crimson Skies, MechAssault, Kameo and every other good MS investment that comes and goes.


Actually, on that front I’ve seen something on Twitter about KI making it into EVO 2018 :smile:

I would have believed this too, if it hadn’t been for the last three years watching the experiment on these forums prove, time and time again, that there will always be a segmen of the “fan base” that is willing to unleash insane amounts of irrational criticism every time openness is displayed…

It’s a community organized side tournament. So it’s not part of “official” EVO. Not that it makes any difference to me, but some people draw a big distinction here.

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True, but honestly I’ll take any love KI gets at this point in it’s current dry spell of news and events. It’s good to see some passionate peeps still fighting on to keep KI around the tourney scene.


Yeah, that’s really the hard part. I feel like there are some really good, positive people around here that want to make this community as welcoming as possible, that simply enjoy talking about the game, and want to be helpful to other fans as well as the devs whenever able. There are many that know how to contribute constructive criticism.

But then there are the people that tried as hard as humanly possible to ruin it for others. The people that didn’t care about any sense of community and apparently saw the developers openness as an opportunity to more directly vent their anger over everything they didn’t agree with, every perceived slight, every perceived drop in quality, every change and who knows what else.

These people didn’t seem to realize that not only is raging against real people a garbage thing to do regardless of how righteous you perceive your cause to be, how anonymous you are on the internet, or how much easier it is to speak freely behind a keyboard, but some seem so utterly limited in the scope of their vision or so thoroughly lacking in mental maturity that they actually fail to comprehend the extent to which their actions have consequences.

People can only be told so many times that their hard work is ■■■■ and they’re ■■■■ because they don’t know ■■■■ about their own job before they disengage. The people that think it’s their job to not only work long hours on this game, but also have the thickest of skin all the time simply lack the awareness or ability to empathize with others, and it’s a real shame, not just because it forces them to put the rest of us at arms length, but because it must absolutely suck to work so hard on something and want to share it with people that claim to be fans, only to be sideswiped with a barrage of complaints about anything and everything under the sun.

I’m sure many of them are used to this by now and hopefully they’ve been able to focus more on the people and places that provide useful feedback and haven’t simply grouped us all together as one big, obnoxious cloud of noise, but I wouldn’t blame them if they weren’t that discerning.

It’s just such a shame. Maybe they’re all off working on other stuff, maybe they’re not as active here since there’s no news to really be active about, but I hate the idea that people actually wanted feedback and maybe even an open pipeline to the fanbase on this awesome game, only to be driven away by the very people that claim to enjoy it.

Sorry, didn’t mean to go on a rant. It’s just that I’ve been a gamer for 30+ years and this was the first time I ever really had a decent amount of interaction with developers for a game I really enjoyed and that was such a cool experience to me, so it makes me feel bad for them if some or many on their end were driven away by a wide swath of negativity. I’ve had jobs where the environment felt negative and it sucks. I hate thinking that fans caused that for these people.


The saddest thing is that, by the numbers, the community was overwhelmingly positive to everything about this KI. But the negatives stick with you more (this is a well studied phenomenon of psychology) and there developed a few different groups of hardcore complainers. I guess if you are talking to gamers you should be prepared for a certain percentage of immature people. But it’s really disheartening to see the consistency of the response pattern.

Every announcement was met by a wave of enthusiasm by people who by and large posted once and then left the conversation. Then after 12-24 hours the first complaining would start. Usually some reasonable but minor complaint. Then someone showing up with a blitz of completely irrational objections. To which people would start to argue, then the previous reasonable but minor complainers would “bandwagon” with the lunatic and then you would see the same 3-5 people posting a thousand times in the thread about how TERRIBLE the announcement really was and how anyone not saying it was terrible was a shill/idiot/not a real “fan.” Every. Single. Time. Exactly the same. Just sad.