When things go too far

Is it possible to link a standard ultra with a stage ultra?

I knew it was going to be Season 2 Hisako’s old exploit. That was patched millennia ago. I’m glad that IG got to it as fast as they did back then. Hisako mains were milking the hell out of that exploit.

Could not watch the whole video.
Half way through the video I felt like hurting myself.

Why is this Off-Topic?

I changed it.
There is somthing evil about that video.
Hisako had to be the one to do it.
If somebody did that to me with Hisako
I dont think I would be able to handel it.


I figured it was the one I was thinking of.

I would leave once I noticed the loop. As much as I hate 3x ultras, I let them play out because I know they end at some point. I would not stay in a game so someone could use an exploit.

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I think IG should implement an auto ultra ender feature for online matches.

After two Ultra’s, instant Ultra Ender.

When things go too far

Why not instant Ultra ender after an ultra while in ranked then?
I wouldn’t be against it btw.

I may have suggested this before, but anyway, giving the opponent the ability to activate your ultra ender would be a handy.

Kind of reminds me of Sadira’s Infinite Ultra in S1. I remember watching a tourney and seeing a collective sigh go across the group when CDjr. won and started the Ultra. A few people cheered but most wished he had just stopped.

God bless Win10 ability to minimize.

Good point.

Only via Instinct cancel or recapture, as far as I’m aware.


Cool, thanks for the tip.