When raams comes out

can you guys like fix his instinct so it’s not so hard to see some things

The lower visibility is there so you can’t see him. You aren’t supposed to see. It gives Raam mix ups.


i know but they can fix it a bit so it’s a bit easy on the eyes and i can see raam a bit more when i am him

You shouldn’t need to see your own character all that much to play him properly. You just need to get used to playing him, getting the feeling to about how long his animations take and how they space him, and you’ll be fine.

What you’re suggesting would be strictly a nerf for the character, as the instinct visual effects hinder your opponent alone, not you.

For the record, RAAM is out. Fully released. He’s not in any sort of beta.

Please fix the title of your thread, because it’s clickbaity rather than descriptive. I’m moving it to the Feedback category, as well.


Nah, this would be a nerf. His cross ups are hella obvious when you can see him, he needs the camouflage otherwise you’d never open someone up to cash out the damage.