When next character rotation

When and what chatactet is

If you like the characters, I’d reccomand you save up some money and get the definitive edition, it’s the same price as a standard game 59:99 USD and gets you all three seasons!

So that way you don’t even have to wait till character rotation.

Price is wrong here. $40 (or 39.99) USD for the DE. 10 bucks total for Kilgore and Shinsako.

To OP: I highly recommend getting all the characters so you can train with/against the whole cast.

my apologies I was refering to the console version, the windows 10 version isn’t quite as expensive.Lol

The console DE is $40 too
If you’re thinking of the Supreme Edition, yeah that was $60 on console and $50 on PC. But the Definition Edition is $40 and comes with more stuff