When Killer Instinct Season 3 launch details will actually starts?

So far, I’m happy with the balance changes in Season 3. Kim Wu trailer and gameplay rocks! I’m still on the fence for Arbiter… However, I’m really disappointed by today’s special announcements feature! For a big update that launches in less than two months, why we still don’t know anything? I’m really worried about that! How much season 3 will cost? How many characters we’ll have this season? What are the upcoming features & game modes? Does ultimates are in? How many characters we’ll have at launch, etc. Why being so secretive about a game that is going to launch so soon. Don’t you think the marketing machine should start?

Don’t worry about this too much. We literally JUST started getting news beyond Rash, and I’m sure that the rate it comes out is going to increase to generate hype (especially with Arbiter’s announcement!)

I really hope that Season 3 comes out as soon as possible, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re aiming for mid-to-late March and that’s why the info has been next-to-nonexistent.

I don’t think there are too many events left where they can build up or tease a reveal, so things are surely going to have to pick up!

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Cost, the same as other seasons most probably.
Yeah its disappointing to not get a trailer or a PC spec announcement or something more significant than the CAM changes (they’re important and appreciated but not quite what I wanted to see from a “special” announcement)
For the rest of your questions, I’ll respond like @TempusChaoti and say stay tuned.
I’m cool with promotions starting after the release of SFV, lets the hype for them die down a bit and allows KI to have a month-ish of competition free news and reveals (save the exception of Balrog being released in March).
So expect trickles of info starting maybe 2nd week of Feb? IMO we’ll get 3-4 characters at launch, 3 of whom we already know now. (unless they pull a Cinder with Arbiter)
Total characters? 8 is a good bet, 9 slightly less, 10 is being optimistic and anything above that seems unrealistic. I could be wrong, but 8-9 seems like the right amount.

I agree with you regarding the fact of PC specs and season details to be released during 2nd week of february. I think they’re going to announce also when the game comes out in that spot. Perhaps a week later (after SFV launch), but I doubt it.
Regarding the number of total characters, I noticed IG is being pretty simmetric with their releases, so I think they’re going for 8 characters + 1 bonus (Tusk, Kim Wu, Gargos, Arbiter, Rash and 3 brand new characters with a bonus being a Vampire).

Considering they’re going to support the game for 2 whole years, I bet Eyedol will come out as a boss or a bonus in Season 4.

Ultimates are my worry. No mention of them, or anything similar to them, during the stream concerns me. It seems like besides combo-assist, the new features of Season 3 are more towards people that are heavily invested in competitive play, not casuals.

I really hope they get Ultimates or No Mercies in. We’ve been demanding them since Season 1 was announced. It’s the sole missing link to this KI.