When KI CLASSIC willl be launched on PC?

I ask you to give a an exhaustive answer, WHEN the KI classic will be launched on the PC and why there was not originally there? The UWP platform simplifies porting.
What is the problem?
Why I could run KI 1, 2, Gold on Pentium-3 (And even 2) on the emulator 10 years ago. And now it is already ending 2017 and it’s been almost two years since the start of the game’s release on the PC. Why once again the developers do not care about us.
We need an official game with multiplayer, ETC!


“We” means who? KI classic is out on Xbox for a long time and afaik it’s deader than Elvis.

Devs won’t effort themselves with porting game for a dozen of people. It’s common sense.


The andwer is simple. It won’t be launching on PC

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Get an XBox if you want to play it so bad or just continue using the KI classic emulator or that other arcade emulator? When on PC whats it matter if you are playing on Xbox version or emulator? There isnt an online player base so whats the difference?

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I asked a very clear question, in the relevant topic and specifically argued it.

For quite dumb and smoked fanatics, I’ll explain. No (and there was) no problems and difficulties for porting. Or they are so minimal that enough and “10 people” who need the game.
Who of the respondents is a representative of a microsoft or developer?
The fact of the matter is that I do not want and will not waste time on trolls and asslickers, wich protect and forgive any spittle on the part of the publisher.

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Someone’s had a merry christmas. Cheer up.

On topic, the the UWP was put in place a couple of years after these classic titles originally released on Xbox one. Features that make the most out of UWP aren’t apparent in the KI titles you are referring to.

The studio who originally ported them to Xbox weren’t either iron galaxy or Microsoft.

I also believe that when KI launched on windows 10 it was cheaper in price than Xbox to reflect the classic titles not being a part of the package. Either way, whether or not you think the port would be so simple it would still require money put in to the project to achieve this, along with hiring a new studio if not crystal dynamics to achieve this.

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Yeah, neither do we.

Bottom line is that video games are a business, and unless they can see a return on investment, it’s unlikely that MS would port KI 1 & 2 and make server space available for online play. The XB1 versions are pretty much dead in terms of online activity and it’s unlikely that they’d look at that and see anything other than money lost if they ported it.

The only hope I could see of it happening is if they made a Rare Replay 2 and were able to add in a bunch of Rare games that weren’t part of the first run, and made it for both XB1 and Win10. Unfortunately most of Rare’s other good games they could add are tied up in long-dead licenses (Who Framed Roger Rabbit for NES comes to mind, though it’s not a good game) or IPs owned by Nintendo, so a Rare Replay 2 is as unlikely as a direct port of KI 1 & 2.

Though to be honest an HD upgrade of Battletoads in Battlemaniacs would be awesome.

The KI classic games are exclusive to the Xbox One version of the game.