When it comes to Win10... Xbox Gamers Going To PWN?

A lot of us have been playing this regularly for over 2 years. Is March 29th going to be a free for all on Win10 noobs?


PC players have been enjoying better versions of some fighting games for a long time. THEY WILL BE READY FOR US!

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Most of us are beating up on new Xbox players that got the game in the January gold program anyway. I’m sure there will be some dedicated PC players who pick it up quick.

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Don’t forget that all of us who already own the game on the XB1 get it for free on our Windows 10 PCs too. :wink:

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Don’t beat them up. Help them.

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Sorry but I’m pushing for the top 32 equivalent.

Sorry, not sorry.

I got the game at christmas and been at Killer since Valentines doing consistant manuals! I’m sure by week 1 the swarm of new players will be silver, then the swarm of new players will be a swarm of golds, then by week 4 they’ll be Killers (unless MU gets changed of course).

Guess we should enjoy that one week of being able to teach qualifiers and seeing new blood then. Man, I wish I had a microphone and be able do some casuals with them.

This game has what is most likely the lowest learning curve of all fighting games out there. Minimal execution, and a very quick pickup on the concepts of fundamentals of the characters and the system.

Other than a small acclimation period to become adjusted to the new controls of an unfamiliar fighting game and learning a few small things about character specifics, I don’t see people needing long to become good at the game. Especially if they are used to other fighting games, they’ll know what to look for when they train and play.

I’ll say, about a month or so after the game’s PC release, the slack should be gone for the incoming players who are looking to git gud.

theres a leak of a ne mode called pc protective services where high lvl killer destroy those trying to pick on pc users and thus t bagging you for not being able to handle the heavyweights

I don’ think PC gamers have ever been notable fighting game players. They don’t really get an advantage like FPS’s with mouse and keyboard.

I believe on the contrary KI probably has one of the hardest learning curves of fighting games.

For someone who’s familiar to FG it’s easy to pick up, but for anyone that is not, I can guarantee you it’s very difficult.

I’ve been trying to teach my wife how to play. The simple concept of quarter circle we still didn’t get down, forget about dragon punch. Of course those are basic fundamentals of every fighting game.

When you throw into the mix the following KI specific mechanics:

KV meter
Auto Doubles
Combo breakers
Counter Breakers
Shadow Counters
Flip Out (coming soon)

Trust me when I tell you, it does not have an easy learning curve,

The good thing is the Dojo is very good
CAM is a great new addition.

For basic fighting, yeah it’s easy, but as soon as you want to get deep into the mechanics of the game, it’s very complex.


I think the answer to KI’s complexity is subjective. Execution wise the game is not difficult to master, I think what throws a curveball at most new players is the combo system. They only see whats on the suface.

They tend to either misunderstand it and call it a paper rock scissors game or they say theres too much going on at all times and it’s too mentally taxing , or it’s scrubby because they won the neutral and aren’t getting rewarded since the opponent could break.

I think those that can get past the “traditional” and those who can think on the fly will do the best.

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I’m pretty sure this is just the same situation as when a Japanese game (i.e. Street Fighter) comes to the West after being a local exclusive for a few months.
Difference is, some folks have had years instead of just months, and they’ve gotten very VERY good. We’re not talking “Top of the leader board in week one” good, we’re talking “I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars playing this video game” good.
Then again everyone will sort of be on more even playing fields considering all the new characters and system mechanics (as well as changes thereof) coming at the end of the month.

Also keep in mind plenty of folks will be switching to PC once its out on PC. Assuming it runs well, PC version will probably be my primary…and I may sell my Xbone considering all its exclusive I’m interested in are also coming to Windows 10.

As a skilled player in the likes of Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, Marvel vs Capcom, Smash Bros., Injustice, and numerous others, KI took me longer to learn than any other fighting game franchise, despite my experience (with several notable leaderboard positions in SF4, MK9, and Injustice, I might add). That’s because it does things so differently than other fighting games with it’s back and fourth combo breaker system. With other fighters, it was often hit the person, do your combo, then end it; hit them again. So, all you had to do was learn the combos and hit your opponent. With KI, however, it’s different. You not only have to hit your opponent, but predict (moreso than other fighting games) what they’re going to do, so you can counter effectively mid-combo - other games give you very few options mid-combo, if any at all. This forces you to learn not just how to hit the opponent (and avoid getting hit), but to also learn their animations, sounds, and even the speed of their attacks in order to counter properly - and that’s not even stating how much faster this game is compared to many other fighting games. It runs “supafast” and getting the timing down for resets, manuals, and effective, hard to find juggles is ridiculously hard - despite my skill and experience it took me well over a year to get through the final lesson in the dojo mode. For me, at least, that alone is a testament to how hard this game is.

Sure, it’s easy to start, but it’s hard to master - that’s part of what makes this game so great.

Even better, I’m STILL learning things despite the game being out for a few years now. For example, just today, I learned that Sabrewulf could delay his feral doubles, creating a quasi-manual reset that can be used to mess up your opponent’s timing - I didn’t know that - I simply went into a cadence or mashed wildly whenever I did the feral doubles…

But I digress - to each their own.


Agreed 100 %. KI is definitely mentally taxing.

Accomplished the 1st; still working on the latter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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C’mon… You guys basically had like 2 years of advantage playing this game, that scares me. :anguished:

The good thing is: I played KI on my 8 years old little cousin’s Xbox One, I learned how to play with Shadow Jago and… Damn, he’s too fun to play, actually. :smiley:

I can’t wait to play KI on my laptop in 9 days, so I can perfect my Shago, and also I’m gonna play with Rash and possibly, Tusk or Kim (Maybe with both).

See ya online. :sunglasses: