When is the player base most active

Same as title. Just wondering

Whenever new content becomes available. When that happens, the game generally picks up for a week or 2, because everyone wants to try out the new content. If it’s a new character, it may last longer.

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Is there a general player base that’s usually playing or is the game dead?

I assure you, it’s not dead. There’s thousands of players online at any given time, and whenever I’m online, which is often, I almost never run into the same person twice during a single session.

That’s strange when I played tonight granted it was pretty late I ran into some of the same people 5 or 6 times and it sucked because I’m only in the silver ladder and I was getting matched up against killers one of them was #1 in the killer laser think his name was UA Grandpa

I usually do not have a problem finding matches on any given evening around 7pm onward. Weekends should obviously be the best. Saturday and Sunday pretty much all day I can find matches.

I expect heavy traffic once the elusive update for Shadow Jago is released.

Depends. On weekends,you can probably find matches all day long and maybe all night(haven’t stayed up that long for KI). On weekdays,I doubt people would be on at night. On days it is still there.

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Well there’s plenty of people playing right now. :smiley:

I’m mostly playing cod zombies now since it’s my favorite game of all time but nonetheless still come back and play some good old-fashion Kan-Ra.

Depends on what region and internet connection you’re using too, most people don’t have problems getting matches, but I’ve had 30 minutes of just waiting to be matched up on more than a few occasions. While thousands may be playing the game, I don’t think there’s a large concentration of that outside the US. i could be very wrong, I have played against some Japanese and Far East Asian players so maybe I’m just the idiot who logs in at the wrong times.

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Spending some time in Asia these days, and I usually play at night or early morning if it’s during the week. It has been tough getting ranked matches. See timezones when I usually get online…

My night:
Around noon in West/Central Europe, and
Early hours/morning in the US

My morning:
Late in the evening in West/Central Europe, and
Early or late afternoon in US.

Seems like I play at the worst time possible…

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It’s just time zones. Don’t worry. I’m sure you have bumped into a few of us on Ranked. :smile:

I haven’t ran into you yet :smile:

When new content is available and from my experience, the weekends