When Gargos comes out tommorow:

It’s 10:13 here. So I’m expecting around lunch time when Gargos shows up.

Spinal showed up around lunch time to…Even though it was February if I remember…

We may not see him till around 11 or 12 in central time.

It’s 11:17 where I am. So it’s like 10:17 in Chicago, so I am guessing he could go live in the next hour or two.

11:25 here

Personally I think one thing that could solve problems with updates is if your game can have a “check for updates” option.

That’d probably solve a lot of issues. lol

Gargos is out!


I’ll have to check once I get home. Making a GameStop run ATM. How big is the DL?

How do u prompt the download?

You can prompt the download by running the game. If the update has hit your area, it will prompt you to update.

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Mine said like 4 Gigs

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Not too bad I may be able to play tonight after all. Unless my xbox itself needs an update.

Mine keeps failing to check for dlc…