When Gargos comes out tommorow:

What will you guys be doing?

I’m going to be in dojo mode with @Justathereptile and getting the hang of his moves together.

and After that we can work to get Gargo’s stuff unlocked.

My birthday is tomorrow and I won’t be able to play until Sunday. So… I need to wait. ^^

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When I get off work and finish downloading probably like a day lol. Straight into the lab then a few friendly matches.

@anon39655210 Happy (early) Birthday :cake:

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Figuring out his weaknesses.

Also happy birthday Lord.

Happy birthday!
I will be working. Lol

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I will be too busy downloading it, due to my slow connection. Probably won’t be able to play KI until late evening or even Saturday. :frowning:

…I’m grateful that he’ll release in the morning (although late night tonight probably would’ve been better).

Happy birthday

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Once I get him downloaded ill probably go into dojo for a few minutes, and then Shadow Survival to practice him if Shadow Lab adds Gargos’s support when he comes out.

I’ll be playing Overwatch. I might have a problem…

Me vs. Gargos
1 v 1
No Items
Final Destination

Wait, wrong game

Seriously though, gonna fight him in Kyle Difficulty until I win so I can get a slight chance when SL Gargos appears.

My girlfriend will be over to celebrate launch with me. I’ll be able to test things out while she gets to kick my butt while I’m at my absolute worst with him xP

My heart is already tearing apart.

That birthday cake’s life, your plaything. Happy birthday.

As for me, I’m goanna try and master him. He is going to be a hard a–


That makes two of us lol. That’s why I said Saturday…which is now looking like Saturday night for me now.



Practice for 5 minutes, then take him into Exhibition. :thumbsup:

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Happy birthday @anon39655210!!!

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He’s not out yet :frowning:

I’d give it a few hours. It’s 8:09 am here and it usually hits around 10am