When do you suppose we'll hear about the ultra edition contents?

I’m about ready to go pick up some Microsoft cards and put money on my accounts to buy some KI season 3 packs but honestly I kind of want to wait until I know what is in them and how much they’re going to cost. Season 3 is just around the corner, I wonder when we can expect to hear more about what we’re getting… I know some folks were a little annoyed with season 2 not knowing what they were buying, hopefully we get word soon. Preferably some time before March.

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To much silence about pircing at less than two months of launch date

IMO there will be only one version of the game(besides individual purchase of each character), already with the accesories. BUT maybe there will be new accesories and they are hard to unlock ingame.

I dont know, if the game would be designed only for this community, well, I can understand the silence to make us anxious, but there are hundreds of player not coming to this forum and only taking news via “generic” videogames websites like Polygon or IGN.

I can’t understand all the mistery, frankly. Having a launch date it’s important. People wants to save money to this date, helps videogame stores publiciting the game… Seems ilogical, even more knowing that SF 5 goes out only about a month before. Maybe they want to release all the info post SF launch to get the spotlights


I’m anxious to know, too. Looking forward to getting S3 so I can utilize things like Double XP again.
Curious to see what kind of additional goodies are in a potential S3 Ultra edition. My guess would be (in Lou of a classic KI) several new sets of accessories/colors in addition to early access.

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I just got an idea, how about exclusive Shadow Jago and Omen alt costumes since they won’t have them otherwise.


Well, I likely prefer have the extra costumes by default

But I would do anything for my Omen with wings and Shago’s rags on him

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By one version, do you mean no Combo Breaker or Ultra Edition options? Because I don’t think that will be the case.

Maybe since there are no more classic KI’s to include with S3 Ultra Edition it will come with one of the Battletoads games, to kind of go along with Rash or something lol

Battlemaniacs would be nice. :smiley:

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I’d pay for a remastered Battletoads collection.


Or the ultra edition just comes with all characters, 3rd accessory sets and retro costumes while combo breaker only has the characters.

The ultra editions already come with all of that, to justify the 2x price of the combo breaker edition they need to add more than just that.

More characters this season other than just 9 so their total combined price would be worth more than last seasons.

I don’t think anyone knows for sure if there will be more than nine characters.

It’s just a guess, hell they might just give out something new all together.

Why not you get Rare Replay? There Battleotads games in Rare Replay…

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I was hoping for a remastered game, like the recent Q-bert remake or the Street Fighter II HD remake.

Same gameplay, updated visuals.

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But everyone did know what they were buying. It was confirmed KI 2 arcade version with online was coming with the Ultra Edition.

But yeah, am so curious what this ultra edition will have.

Didn’t stop people from complaining though. lol

I couldn’t justify the price of ultra edition for season 2, I realised I don’t care so much for costumes since the UI is so laggy, online Id rather just find my character and spam A and i hardly played KI1 with season 1 so getting KI2 with season 2 seemed even less worth it for me personally, not sure there is much they could offer KI related other than exclusive character and more costumes, but they would need to give you something stupid like the amount of custumes DOA5 has, has anyone gone through them? its about £500 worth of content haha

Yeah, but that gets you 2 out of what…5…6? Battlemaniacs is obviously the big one, but maybe some remastered gameboy ones would be nice…remastered meaning just make them at minimum look like the NES version. Also wasn’t there one on Genesis as well? I’m wanting to say if so it was just a port of the NES game.

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