Whats your top 3 favorite KI trailers? and why?


1: RIPTOR trailer: its like an advertisement that you could see in real. awesome. i would order me a ‘riptor’ afther seeing that :smile:
2: MIRA trailer: they show you like a little tease for the story how she get her powers and then the confrontation with her sister, just makes you wanna know more about it.
3: RASH trailer: the way he comes out from the old game, searching for a ‘killer’ challenge. its just, yeah, it gives you a smile on your face every time.

Congrats IG of making some epic trailers!


1.Omens trailer, loved when he beat up jago, his voice sounded badass, and when his music kicked in it was all perfect.

2.Tusks trailer, I mean come the guy is kicking ■■■ and giving one liners with the Nordic music playing.

3.Hisakos trailer. I’m not a big fan of her but her trailer was great the way she explained her backstory.

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Aganos trailer…LMAO.

  1. Spinal (with the Fulgore tease)

  2. Riptor (Ultra-tech advert)

  3. Maya (because her theme is godlike)

1.) Shadow Jago Trailer: We all made this possible! Plus that Shadow Dive Kick was top notch before it was changed.
2.) Cinder Trailer: Honestly, everything about that trailer made me nickname my Typhlosion “Cinder” in Pokemon Soul Silver.
3.) Omen Trailer: Those Kicks!!! But seriously that trailer was awesome from start to finish.

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  1. Gargos- voice dialog and atmosphere the mood of doom and gloom. Plus the tease of his stage.
  2. Aganos- oddly enough I don’t care much for the character but I LOVE his theme (one of my favorites) plus the mission he goes to get Kanra is cool. Then there was Hisako’s trade at the end!
  3. Kanra- his voice, his animations and his character design. Plus he sells great soup apparently…

Orchid’s, because Orchid.
Tusk’s, because Tusk.
Mira’s, because Mira.

Noticable trailers: Sadira’s, because Sadira.

My favorite trailers have to be
3. Rash
2. Arbiter

  1. Aganos
  1. The first one (the nod to the arcade’s “available in your home” line was hype beyond hype)


3.Eh…I’m wanting to say Tusk. Just liked the talking in that one.

True story: the E3 they announced KI3 I watched the entire thing, except for KI’s trailer. I left the room to go change a diaper (not mine, my son’s), and when I came back it was over. Wouldn’t have caught it at all if they weren’t using KI to show off their Kinect player swapping feature.


I like your number 1, not only because it gives me chills everytime I watch it, but because of Max’s reaction.

“I’m ■■■■■■■ crying.” Gets me everytime.

For anyone who somehow hasn’t seen it:


Just EPIC reaction :smile:

Sadira her first voice actor was awesome she sounded like an 800 year old woman and the shots of Sabrewulf and the rare intro of her minions revealing her

Orchid because firecat and angles (and best combo drop feature while beating jago to pieces, looks like she’s
Amusing to ask him if it hurts)

Hisako native language, eerie setups and amazing Camera angles

  1. OMEN

  2. Maya (Watch in 60 FPS with the volume cranked…its amazing!)




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