What's your longest losing streak

I’m on a wicked losing streak. It’s almost worth bragging about.

I have several excuses lined up but I can’t tell if I’m getting worse or if I’ve developed bad habits and I’m sticking to them.

Is there a spot to post replay videos for feedback?

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I recently lost 5 Ranked sets in a row. I had the bad luck of running into HW Charbok’s Thunder twice (As a Sadira main, it’s a bad uphill battle), then ran into Paul B (I actually refuse to play him due to some really toxic behavior he did against a friend of mine, so as soon as I saw his name I quit the match), I then ran into said friend who narrowly beat me, and then lost to a cheater using Orchid (lag switcher with a fake account).

However, after that I played several sets and won every single one.

My win/loss ratio sits around 77%.

In respect to losing slumps, in most cases, if I’m on a losing streak, I generally stop playing and play something else. Sometimes you just need to reset yourself.

In my opinion, if you start getting frustrated with losses, then it’s time to stop playing. Frustration clouds judgement and you start making poor decisions.

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I think about 10 matches. It seems like eventually I get matched with someone I can actually defeat lol. Feel bad about crushing a new player but otherwise I never win. On gold tier most of my matches are against the very best players…

Oh yeah my win ratio is about 30% I think.

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a lot! My winning ratio is 43% with my main.

Every single match I’ve played so far (about 12)

lmao. I’m in bronze and I’ve never faced anyone below killer

Yeah lol.

Yeah that’s pretty much me.

77 is really good. I think my win rate is right about 30%. I was qualifying for silver and I’ve lost each time and got dropped down like 700 points AGAIN.

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I’m at like 1%

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Maybe you two should play each other.




I’ve been playing this since launch, and I can tell you I’ve had winning streaks, and losing streaks. I don’t know my longest, but anytime you try to learn any new character or getting accustomed to the new game mechanics or new controller, expect losses until your familiarity with all these things increase. It’s frustrating, but it’s inevitable, and if it’s what you want, keep working at it. I’ve been through this in multiple fighting games and it always happens the same way.

Eventually, when you get a character you like, but you find yourself being outplayed in certain situations or by characters, training should be your first stop, as you replicate the setup or tactics used, and begin learning the minutia of your character and specific matchup knowledge only specializing a character will teach you, and you use it against your opponents to counter them. It’s always a learn, play, re-learn deal where you constantly improve yourself by finding what works, discarding what doesn’t, and evolving.

For example, I know some intimate knowledge about Cinder, like mashing light punch 3rd degree target combo beats shadow counters when they improperly time it, and even when properly timed, I recover usually before it connects. It’s those tiny bits of knowledge that add up over time that mean differences of winning and losing.

As for posting vids for feedback, you can post your stuff usually in character specific forums, or in the “artwork and videos” section, linkable from youtube if you want. Also, if you’re down, you can get together with the other players on here and play. A good one to check is the Bi-Weekly Casuals thread. It’s usually a cool, low stakes, easy going lobby where we discuss all kinds of stuff and try to improve our gameplay. All skill levels welcome.


Hey thanks for that I’ll check out that bi-weekly casual. Are you fairly active in ranks? I normally don’t do well against cinder anyway because I don’t really know too much about him he’s rare to encounter.
Since I have you on forums let me ask you this, what’s a good strategy or what’s your strategy for getting to know the ins and outs of other characters you don’t use or never use?

I’m thinking about just choosing a couple of characters that I never use and just dinking around with them and shadow lords are in wherever just to get some more familiarity with them.

I’m aware that fighting the CPU too much can hinder you but I’ve heard some people say just focus on your mains and that’s it.

Well, I usually am active in ranked, but I do also play other games on occasion, and when Halo Infinite dropped, I got real invested into it, especially since I have played Halo games since Halo 2 and Gears of War has gone down hill (for me at least). And yeah, Cinder will be a rarer encounter in ranked given he’s not an easy to use character and you tend to have to work almost twice as hard to get the same damage Jago could do in short combos. He requires a lot, and most gravitate towards the characters with easier to use tools of more straightforward utility.

The best way to become familiar with any character in the game is to use them often, but in a game with a large cast of over 30 characters, that demands a lot of time to devote to characters you may not like. I used to have issues with Hisako at first, but after using her for a while online and training with her, I began to understand things about her that gave me a slight edge when I encountered her online, but I’m not a fan of using her regularly.

However, usually you come across a character giving you issues, the best thing to do is to hit up training and just recreate the situation giving you trouble, then trying and process of elimination counters to the problem. I will say though that whatever problem you are encountering, it’s likely someone else already encountered it here and developed a solution, so don’t be afraid to ask around, and see whatever other character specific experts have learned as a counter or as the best way to approach the specific matchup issue.

The reason it’s more important to focus on a main though is because each of us is kinda “programmed” to enjoy a certain type of character type or fight pattern, and when we find a character that works or clicks with you, it does you no good to constantly mess with other characters just to make your main work better. It’s great that Jago has X number of counters to Y situation, but how does that help you if your main isn’t Jago? The only way to know what your main can do is to just experiment with them.

Any character you can pick will eventually have a shortcoming against another character, it’s up to you as a character specialist to determine what the best course of action is in any scenario. It never hurts to ask though what others do, and to alter your gameplan when something isn’t working anymore.

That’s the best I can do because honestly, I’m betting you have characters already giving you trouble, and you want a “general” strategy to overcome these limitations, but specific situations call for specific strats. Basically, you gotta ask the right question, like “how can Kim Wu punish a blocked Wind Kick from Jago?” or “how can I beat a Glacius player spamming Cold Shoulder with just Rash’s tools?” Good players come across these things all the time and have to come up with specific answers to these situations. So I guess you’ll over time have to narrow your scope on your question to be more focused.

And yeah, fighting the AI is good at first to give you an idea of a character and how they play, but playing the AI often enough will develop muscle memory situations you will not want to carry over into ranked, as experienced players will likely identify them quickly and not be easily fooled.

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I think fighting the CPU is a good way to learn the game, I played the survival mode exclusively in the beginning, and only entered ranked when I was around level 40 something.


Yeah, nothing wrong with playing the CPU, but it is really dumb even compared to the lowest ranked players.


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I think the shadow survival is better in terms of representing how real people play. With the exception of combo / counter breaking.