What's your job? Previous jobs? School?

Hello community. I would like to know what kind of workers and people are in this community. So I’ll go first, I am a veteran Marine (2001-2009) who now works at a print shop for a bank. It’s great because I can print Killer Instinct posters for myself. I especially love those high resolution images.


I used to work as a waiter for 8 years, I got my title of Senior computing technician and now I am an IT Helpdesk at an Ibex 35 company.

All while playing KI.


About to go to my first day of high school tomorrow :frowning:


My job is pretty much Five Nights at Freddy’s, but at a poultry processing plant…complete with the door & switch on either side of me and a fan on the desk, only instead of having to look out for deranged furry robots I have to look for truck drivers.


I’ve done a little bit of a lot of stuff. Roofing, flooring, plumbing, landscaping. None of that was great, but it paid well.

Spent a few years as a retail meat jockey (butchery, seafood prep, counter maintenance, cooler stocking).

I worked at a fast food joint for like 3 weeks before deciding never again. I do have mad respect for those that can hang in that industry though, it’s not easy work the way people want to believe.

Now I work as “Pit Boss” at a local oil change and repair shop, whatever that means. I mostly fill fluids under peoples hoods and jump start their cars because they can’t handle removing the key from the ignition for 10 minutes, but I’m also responsible for training the cats that work downstairs, and working underneath the vehicles myself because I can’t freaking trust anyone under the age of 60 to tighten a damned bolt. I am also a second (third, fourth) set of hands when the mechanics out back need it, and usually acting manager because I’m the only one of seven employees who will actually man the shop instead of galavant across the lot or down the block, so answering all sorts of ridiculous car-related questions, usually about why the check-engine light is on.

However, with my left leg slowly atrophying due to untreated nerve damage, I’m taking some time off to get it under control. Unfortunately, I made some poor market decisions in choosing my insurance, and no neurologists in my state accept it. So, I’ve got a bit of a road ahead of me (unless I just pony up and fly to South Korea for the tests and possible surgery, because it would be cheaper out of pocket than having a doctor in my area do it).

Probably TMI, but yeah.


Chef for the better part of 15 years now. Just cant put myself out of food service heh.

I once had a job at a clothing store…in the linens dept…trying to look and sound like i actually knew what colors would make your bedroom feel ‘summery.’


I used to work at an Irish Bar/Restaurant. I was just an Food Runner, but I became a weekend Food Prep (if you call it that) because I wanted to work more hours.


Actually work as Netwerk ingeneer. for a big network systems provider in ENGLISh/French/Nederland :smiley:


Elementary school teacher. Currently have the 4-6 year old under my wing. Americans call it kindergarten I believe…
But I’ve taught kids till the age of 12 and it can change by the year, so who knows what I’ll have next year :sunglasses:


Operations Director for the largest manufacture and vendor of Cookie dough for the fundraising industry.


Going in for an interview today!


I know that may sound bad, but im with a touring group, so i need FLEXIBLE hours. The manager said he could do it, so we will see what happens.


Whats the name of your group? What kind of music? Is it southern pickin band? lol

its the last group i ever thought i would be playing with…
Southern gospel.

We are called “A Higher Calling”

We usually stay around Florida, Alabama, and sometimes Texas, but our last trip was to Cincinatti, so that was fun.

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Cyber Security analyst as well as job baby sitter, not by choice though.

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some would argue that these are equally frightening.

Especially at night.

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Thats what I thought I remembered us talking about it… but wasnt sure. But it has some git-fiddle pickin in there doesn’t it? that’s cool…enjoy it while it lasts! Always fun to hit the road…you never know what each show holds in store for you!

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Having lived in Cincinnatti I don’t see how that’s possible…

What? That we played there?

We played 1 show in the old suburban side of the city in a low-income area. A place called “House of Joy”.

Our 6 other shows were not directly in Cincinatti, though. We crossed the border a few times to play in Kentucky, and we played at a TV station in a city near Cincinatti. Not sure of the name of that one.

(EDIT: Would you like a video? or a picture of the city?)

I believe the part I bolded was probably what @BigBadAndy was referencing :-p

Having been there a couple times, I heartily agree with him :joy:

Ahhhhh… THAT makes more sense!

We didnt stay in the city, but we got to drive all around it and see cool stuff.

One of our group members grew up there, so he told us all about how the city fell into drugs, gangs, and other stuff. I could tell as we drove around that the place was odd. So i can understand where your coming from on that.

However, we did get to eat at White Castle! IMHO, that place easily makes up for any negativity the city has to offer :smile:. SO happy i got to eat those sliders!