What's your craziest moment on KI?

Mine is when I made 12 Parries on SL Gargos’ Shadow Portal Punches as Arbiter but my Instinct ran out after and later on I glitched an Ultra which Arby was attacking nothing.


Id usually never call foul to the game’s systems, but in this case, maybe it cheated me on a game ending breaker.

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my bro and I havem over the span that we played KI, Three double KOs


My Benny vs @swordman09’s Gargos! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I got this back in Season 2. Came back from the brink of death against a whole lifebar, with the final blow coming down to me getting my attack out a few frames earlier.

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My last match on the first WTF tournament. I believe it was against @ItzTymeToDul, though I could be wrong, but it was a FT3 and on our 5th match we got a double KO. It was so hype I just completely lost my composure and did terrible on the 6th giving him the win. But still, best KI moment ever for me.


:joy: dude i still remember that. That was crazy bro. Two warriors clashing and they couldn’t topple each other. Thats the best story :fist::fist:

Two perfects at KIWC :smile:


17th place at CEO, My First Major KI Tourney :smiley:


Getting full Ultra’d by a cocky Aria on her pixel of life. My minion Chubz came out of know where and dunked her for the double KO.

Ended up winning 2-1-1.


Doing Cinder’s stage ultra pose at SCR which the stream did not catch lol

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Losing a match to the AI after the last update. Not just kwazy but insane! lol

When ita master doesn’t get top 32


I have a few crazy KI moments, but this one certainly ranks close to the top.

Honestly, when I first started playing this match I was doing lousy. I wasn’t taking it seriously and trying to test new stuff. When I realized that he could actually when, I went into Web overdrive and actually beat him.

What made things even better was that this guy was cursing me the entire time, and eventually had a complete meltdown when I beat him. :smiley:

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I don’t have enough of them recorded.

I had a big comeback with Tusk when he first released.


Risking it all with omen… T W I C E ! ! !


Like what @JEFFRON27 said.

See here


this was my craziest moment, while playing as Hisako

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