What's wrong with being wrong?

Sup. Skull here. Now I apologize for stepping out of my level of intellect by trying to expose the very trolls that no longer have any power to post anything here, I’ll admit publicly that I was wrong, however, there’s just some people that just can’t bring themselves to being a man/woman and admit where they messed up at.

So I ask everyone here… What’s wrong with being wrong? This could be about anything, a situation, a problem, etc.,
What stops a person from just admitting that he or she is wrong?

Post away.


One word:



Pride as well as hubris are other traits/characteristics that can caused them to NOT admit their wrongs AND mistakes.


This sounds like a topic for an episode of VeggieTales.


I have not seen that show in years lmao.


I’ve been rewatching it entirely for nostalgia. It’s ok. Songs are catchy, but it has very shallow writing.


Yeah, pretty much this.

When people devote effort to things they enjoy, they attach their sense of worth to those things. When that person is told that thing they’ve devoted their effort to is bad, or has no worth, or was a wrong decision, people see it as an attack on themselves.

I like to think of Ego as a pet, such as a dog, that needs to be fed. When it’s been fed well, it doesn’t mind if another animal comes over and takes a few bites of its food. But when the dog hasn’t been fed, it becomes very protective and violent towards anything that attempts to take its food away.

Same thing with people. If you have a healthy ego and someone disagrees with something you say or do…it’s fine, whatever, to each their own. But if you don’t have a healthy ego for whatever reason and someone disagrees with your opinion, well, I’m guessing you can tell where that can lead to dere.


Have I missed something “brings popcorn” meme worthy?

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It probably was at one point, but it’s gone on for so long joining in now would be like getting to a party right about the time hangovers are taking their full effect.

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There’s nothing wrong with being wrong, as long you admit it, but most important of all, LEARN from it! That’s the part most people seem to miss…


Not sure of what happened :confused:
Hope it’s not serious…
Apart from that, mistakes let us growth once we are conscious of them.
But since I’m missing the context I can’t really tell.

you keep alluding to some boogieman. is he in the closet? let me get my shotgun he wont be happy in a few minutes.

whats wrong with being wrong you ask? well it sucks, when youre actually right. you cannot win all arguments, but there is always the “i told you so, you dumbasss” consolation prize


The sort of circular logic the other party in question insists on sticking to leaves no room for a true “winner” and all that ultimately happens is everything devolves into a t1t for tat slanging match that neither side can really “win.” There’s no real point in arguing with these people as you’re not going to change their minds and all that ultimately happens is when there’s nothing new left to say, the argument just keeps going with less and less purpose than it even had to begin with.

Leave them to it, there’s an old (slightly offensive) adage about fighting over the internet that I’m not going to quote here but one that is extremely relevant, best thing you can do is be the bigger man by going about your business and let them enjoy their misery for a while until it gets boring and they find something new to complain about. They’re not happy and likely never will be unless they have something to complain about.


Being wrong isn’t inherently bad so long as you’re actually open-minded and willing to receive new information, critically process it and adapting your mode of thinking to the new information.

The problem these days with some people is that because of the internet hammering us with information and opinions, the discrediting of the media on both sides of the political spectrum as well as our knowledge of advertising and how our attention is pulled in and manipulated to a certain extent, we as a culture have become more suspicious and (we think), discerning as it relates to trusting incoming information, which I believe only further cements our opinions, for better or worse.

This is also compounded by many people creating their own information echo chambers where they only trust sources that inform their preconceived opinions and sometimes lose the ability to adapt their thinking when information that contradicts what they consistently see and believe enters their orbit, especially from “other” sources. Some stuff then gets overly filtered and some, none at all.

Some people simply deny facts, dismiss them, diminish them, resent them, or find some sort of logical fallacy they think they can apply, or simply choose to remain ignorant (that is to say, lacking all or any relevant information, but not necessarily the intelligence to understand it).

Of course, many of us have social media, comment sections and other places to sound off on, so incorrect information both from stories generated by outlets with agendas as well as those that comment on and disseminate them, usually buttressing their arguments with “it’s just my opinion,” can easily create a perfect storm of “wrong” which happens all too frequently.

The sad part is that everyone’s so inundated with information, whether correct, incorrect or partially correct, that discerning what’s real, what’s not, what’s important, what’s not, what’s really bad or kind of bad or not bad at all or what’s right or wrong or where our focus should be, etc becomes a near herculean task, and this is for the people that actually bother to seek truth.

Many don’t for a variety of reasons. Maybe they think they’ve already found it, maybe they care enough to speak, but don’t care enough to research. Maybe they don’t like who’s delivering the information or think nuance or gray area is a sign of capitulation. Honestly, some people feel certain information or amounts of it is elitist… Any of those plus what’s been previously mentioned, plus many more can keep people from absorbing new information or correcting something that they’ve had incorrect for any amount of time.

So yeah, I do think that being wrong can be a bad thing, but it’s what you do with that incorrect information or how you act with it as well as how you react to correct information, etc that really determines what’s wrong with being wrong, or rather, how wrong (or damaging) it is to be wrong.

Just my two cents :slight_smile:


We are human beings all of us are wrong some people think they aren’t wrong however that’s a lie there is no such thing as a perfect person at least in my eyes so there is nothing wrong with being wrong.


Absolutely, anyone can be wrong. I don’t think that in and of itself is a bad thing. I think it can be bad though when people refuse to absorb new information that could change their opinion, or they act on that bad information in a way that’s detrimental to themselves or others. Being wrong can have consequences, intended or not.


I agree it’s just how we are made.

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Couldn’t of said it better myself.

thought he fact that we live in a world where people are afraid of being wrong is just a crying shame.


Oh ive grown to acustom to that and it feels so well.


some people earn it, some deserve mercy