What's up with all the disconnects

Noticing it quite a bit this month… right when I’m about to finish somebody they’ll just disconnect.

So I’m guessing it doesn’t show up as a loss and mesd their rankings up or something ?

The last month that happened quite a few times as well and then I got put on probation for it because it said that I won too many matches due to disconnects. I’ve got Google fiber so I’m running like 1.75 gig up and down wired connection so I know it’s not my internet.

It’s only when I beat a killer or master or some other higher level and occasionally someone lower on their rankings.

Can someone splain’ this to me and technically wouldn’t that be considered kind of cheating?

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Some people rage quit.

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It could be Rage Quitting. As a Sadira main, this happens a lot, but even if they RQ, they still get a loss. Earlier this month though there was some server problems, as matches just kept crashing. I was on probation almost immediately due to this. Thankfully it seems to be better now, but it was annoying.

Yeah the same thing happened to me. Is there anything I can be done about that or no? You can’t like file a ticket or something

It’s actually funny because I’ve thrown my controller a couple of times against sadira

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Don’t throw the Controller, it costs money.


I’m impressed that you are beating killers. I think I only have once lol. Yeah, people rage quit disconnect sometimes, it is not happening to me much after making gold tier. People sometimes disconnect because they feel I am not up to their skill level too.

Well I’m not going to brag (smug voice) but it appears I am a killer of killers :joy:

Although I will brag that it’s all been with Kim

I put in almost 70 hrs with Kim I think I should honestly probably be a little bit better but like you mentioned about the shadow counters I’m still learning funny things that I didn’t realize I didn’t know or understand. That’s what makes this game so fun