Whats this about free gold/color skins for ultimate owners?

i bought every ultimate pack and noticed that i got 3 fighters for free but i never bought them. then i saw on here that we get gold skins/color skins?

is this true?


The ultimate packs are free, and have always been free. You don’t get all the gold packs for free.

i mean the season passes the ultimate or ultra. i notice i got killgore for free and eagle which i never paid for. i havent played in months so idk if this was a bonus.

but then i see ppl on here they got the gold skins for free like the steam ver.

Fighters and skins are free ON STEAM…therefor Definitive edition owners on XBox now get the 3 new DLC fighters for free.

Im not sure about skins…go look in the NEWS section for the steam release article…all the info you need is there. Your best bet is to Search and ask in a thread instead of making a thread as a question.