Whats the third charecter in season 3.5?

Keits stated this character will be “brand new”, he will not use previous charactes’ assets. Altough it is not confirmed whether it will be guest or not.

Personally I would like him to be one of following dudes:

Solaire of Astora
Prince of Persia
Professional wrestler.

It better not be a guest, guests ruined this game. It should be original and pure.

To be fair, most of fighting games’ characters are unlicensed guests.

Fei Long, Liu Kang - Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan
Johnny Cage - Van Damme
Balrog - Mike Tyson
Tusk - Conan (now Thor)
Jago - Ryu (= your typical “believe in yourself and you’ll win” martial arts master from 80’s movies)
Fulgore, Smoke, Sektor, Cyrax - Predator
Sonya - every spy movie spec ops guy/girl ever
Jax - every military grunt ever


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I hope it’s you. You’re tons of fun.


You obviously havent been around nor did any research before making this troll bait garbage post.
Please stop

Its been stated several times its a 100 original character, no remix, no guest.

It better be a good original character.

Prince of Persia is not original, he isn’t even Microsoft IP

But he is cool character, dual wielding swordsman would be awesome in KI, and PoP franchise deserves a revival.

I hope is The Donald

(pss. Political comment so we can close this)

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Would not argue with that at all

The third character was already leaked.Can’t wait to see some game play though.


Did they say no guest? I definitely remember the no remix bit, but can’t recall them confirming it’s not a guest

At KIWC they said 100% original character from mechanics, design and lore. So… IDK… I guess it could be a guest, but I dot think it will be.

Oh no. No no no no

It’s supposed to be an original character making their debut on KI. So it’s not a guest and it’s not a remix

Did I say it was a guest or Re-mix? No…why are you replying to me?