What's the pop looking like these days?

I haven’t played since I sold that glorified paperweight microsoft calls an xbox 1, but I just discovered there’s a PC version that I just happened to come across on the store (was there no promotion for it?) and I’m just wondering if there’s any stats on the current population. Googled but the most recent topic I could find was from last spring.

don’t know but it’s cross-platform (XB1 and Win10 players play each other)

We don’t have exact numbers on the population itself, but the devs have told us how many DLs the game has had since release - and it was in the millions. :wink:

As for the advertising for the Win10 PC Edition, yes there was, but KI has always been minimal with its advertising, relying more on word of mouth, than anything.

I think that 6 million number they use is very off. I am sure they are counting every single time it is downloaded. I alone have down downloaded it 4 times. All the department stores that have downloaded it to display the console. The fourm would be alot more crowded. I think the real KI number is around 200000, and that is being kind.

6 million is just the advertising machine at work. Doing what it does best which is lie and mislead.

Ha. Ha. Ha. No. Classic example of spouting off without any knowledge whatsoever about what is going on.

And that 6 million number is old. We passed 7 million a while ago. Do you remember me getting on stage and saying so?

And a forum…crowded?! No. Don’t know how many times or in how many communities I have to remind people that they are the vocal minority, but it is the truth. Not to mention that this forum was started after years of the game already being out. It’s also the 3rd iteration of the forums? We hated the fact that we bounced you from forum to forum, but no doubt we probably lost plenty of folks in the shuffle.


I’ve always been kind of curious to see the sales figures and how much money KI has made just to see how it has been doing. But it’s probably none of anyone’s business.

Wow, looks like I hit a nerve.

Ok. I will give you that some of my info might be not be fully correct. The 7 million, is that copies sold, or the free version with the changing character? Is a mixture of both?

Your right, I don’t know. I don’t have the numbers in front of me to speak correctly. I am not saying that I deserve to see them, or have a right to, because I know I dont. All I do have to go by is the knowledge that all successful companies will spin numbers to make it look alot better than it really is.

The advertising machine crack was not made to you. It is a general crack. It just gets old watching all these commercials say things, then as soon as it is said there is a disclaimer at the bottom.

I do want to thank you for quoting me. It made me feel special. :slight_smile:

Yeah, knowing how bad my network connection is, I constantly scoff at AT&T (my ISP) commercials that claim great speeds and cheap prices, with a disclaimer at the bottom that states that speeds vary, and that additional fees may apply or go up after a few months. :unamused:

Don’t think there are stats, but there are lots of players. If you try to play, you will find lots of people to match up against at all times of the day. It’s a healthy online community.

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OK sweet. I just wanted to make sure the pop was healthy first before committing since it’s a few years old. Certainly seems like it is lol.

Thanks everyone

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Keep in mind that the game is cross-play/buy/save, so

  • If you bought digitally in the first place then your “commitment” basically amounts to downloading the game on PC and jumping into ranked to see if you can get games; and
  • There aren’t separate PC and 'Bone populations, there’s a single pool for both platforms.

Yeah I noticed that it was crossplay. I only bought Spinal from S1 though lol so not a whole lot to transfer. I got it set now though.

Yep, this is all you really need to know. It’s just as easy for me to find an online match in KI as in SFV.

yep. Like Xbox One S outsold PS4 for the last 4 months of the last year. I’ll stay on consoles for while maybe I’ll be building high end PC sometime around 2020.

that is actually pretty much exactly what I wanted to hear lol. longtime SF fan but 5 has grown stale, and Guilty Gear / Blazblue have such low pops it’s hard to get matches consistently.