What's the plan for players with underpowered PCs who play online?

Hi guys - wondered what the plan was for multiplayer vs players with poor pc specs. Will it result in a horribly laggy connection? Will they be separated from the players with an appropriately specced pc/xbox one? Another option could be to autoset visual settings according to their spec - in single player they can customise the options to whatever they like but for multiplayer it runs a performance check and then chooses the options to ensure they can get solid 60fps.

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[spoiler]PC players with low performances are going to be raped like virgins in a camp of puorn actors. The connection won’t be involved…just the player having a bad time in understanding what’s wrong with his PC.

Different thing would be if this player has a low quality connection…[/spoiler]

So the netcode is on a completely separate unsynchronised thread from the visuals?

My god, someone might get their feelies hurt, watch out!

Not necessarily true. If SFV is any indication, players with sub-par specs actually cause lag-like symptoms for others. If you can’t get 60 fps, then in single player modes, all the animation will just slow down, but all frames will still be rendered. In multiplayer, however, those missed frames are skipped, resulting in stuttering and teleporting that both players can see. Not fun.

TL;DR: Potatoes are not for playing video games that have a fixed frame rate requirement.

Not really, since it wasn’t directed at anyone personally.

You just worded the OP a bit poorly IMO. The connection itself depends on the quality of your Internet only, but poor performance of your PC will affect the quality of the match,
But anyway, it’s a good question and I have no idea what IG are going to do.

And it DID get edited. so there. Im deleting my half of this dumb conversation to save thread space.

@rukizzel Any info from QA or devs on how this will potentially work please? Obviously at the moment KI is very good at hiding a lot of the lag due to godlike netcode so we have had a pretty consistently high calibre of gameplay when playing online. Will this be maintained as we get matched with PC players or will the graphics/processor capability of their rig have a potentially negative impact? (to clarify I’m not anti PC - in fact I plan to play KI on my PC when it is released for improved graphics).