Whatever happened to the talk of retro stages?

to give us some diversity, and not the aka (anchorman) big wooden ship! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lmj9HnbdhTc

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I think it was stated that stages are already pretty expensive, even more so than a character, which is why we haven’t seen any developemnt for them as of late, likely people have either moved on or are just currently talking about something else.


Stages are hella expensive. As the devs said at the world cup they don’t have much money to go around so they want to focus on other important things considering we have so many stages already.

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I wonder of retro stages would be cheaper or just as expensive as the new ones.

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It’s still remaking a stage from the ground up. So yes, it’ll cost as much as the new ones

If they decide to do a 4th season, I wonder how conceivable it’d be to have two or three retro stages as the Ultra pack exclusive. I’d absolutely shell out extra dough to see Cinder’s KI1 stage, Tusk’s KI2 stage and maybe another one like Orchid’s KI1 stage, Eyedol’s stage or Kim’s Wu’s stage or whatever. That would be AMAZING.

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yeah they dont want to do it,i mean we didnt get a stage for mira,rash,there just being lazy i mean there not trying these new regugetated remakes of fighters is lame, kilgore sucks


I hard to ask for retro stage’s when all the characters haven’t even got stages yet. 7 at the moment to be exact.

Just…wow this comment
Ever heard of something called a low budget?

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Agree 100%. I’m trying to understand the logic behind “they could do something, but don’t because they’re too lazy.” Like money isn’t a factor at all, just sheer will to make it happen is all that’s needed. Really? SMH

4 Years Most played fighting game 6 million unique players just saying

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That’s completely irrelevant to who I was responding to.

That’s no excuse immediately calling the devs lazy over things that couldn’t be helped because of the short budget they have.

I never said they were lazy but the Low budget thing well 4 Years Most played fighting game 6 million unique players you put all that into how much everything cost in the game and how much the game cost itself for each season well that is a lot of money that they should be using for the game also when you see how much they offer up in tournaments if they have that kind of money for the tournaments then there should not be a excuse for a low budget for the game the game may have started with a low budget but these odds do add up just saying